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   Chapter 29

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"This is part two of your punishment," He growls, his legs winding themselves in between mine, making my heart pound even more. "You thought I forgot, didn“t you?"

I swallow the saliva in my mouth nervously, trying to keep my suddenly pounding heart under control. Crab...he didn“t I“m going to take a guess and assume what happened at Ollie“s was a show...this is the real thing.

"I want to correct you on what you said in my car," He adds drawing my wayward attention back to him, as my mind ceases to show me the morbid images of whatever punishment he could have in mind. "You do belong to me, I may not show it but you are mine."

That makes me snap...a little, "Yours! Excuse me sir but nobody owns me except me, myself and I. I am not an object to be owned, played with and discarded at will. I“m a human being! You don“t just go around pointing out what“s yours and what“s not! I for one am not owned by you or anyone else for that matter!"

"If you aren“t owned by me," He replies chillingly calmly, his grips on my waist not faltering even though I had swung my arms around and jumped on the spot to get my point across. "Then why say and I quote “you don“t own me“ when I had never implied before that you do?"

"What do you mean you never implied it!" I frown, trying to get his hands off of my waist. "By sending people to look for me as if I were kidnapped or lost, kissing me in front of my best friend aka your cousin and her baby“s father, telling me to tell you where I go before I actually go somewhere? Does that all not scream “THIS WOMAN IS MINE AND I CONTROL HER“!"

"It all could mean I“m concerned about you," He sighs stepping away from me slightly but still having a firm grip on my waist. "Like I said, I never thought I“d actually come to care for you."

"As a friend, right?" I roll my eyes at him, trying to walk away but his hands keep me in place. "Let go alright? I“m not going anywhere! Every time we talk it just se

"What I want to know is what“s the verdict so far?" He nudges me using his shoulder. “I know I haven“t been the best. I even went as far as to hit you. I do apologise for that but damn me, Janette, I“m anxious to hear what“s your answer."

"Taiwan!" I blurt out, turning my body to face him. "Why are you going to Taiwan? When are you going to Taiwan?"

"You“re going with me to Taiwan," he answers, smiling a little at my randomness. "I was going to tell you when you got home from grocery shopping but you never came back. We leave on Thursday."


"We“ll be back on Friday," He continues, his hand cupping my face to look at him. "Listen, after such a stressful day and this conversation, I admit, I“m exhausted. May we go to bed?"

Bed...sleep...wait..."You don“t sleep. Devon said he barely gets any sleep because of you."

Alexander plants a soft peck on my lips, "Devon has his own nighttime activities that keep him awake, although I admit I don“t our room that is. I“ve found myself falling asleep in my study more times than I can count."

Seems reasonable...I guess.

"Let“s go," Alexander urges me, standing up and holding his hand out to me.

Oh god what“s going on tonight...I just seem to be jumping from one topic to another...I think I really jinxed this night...

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