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   Chapter 28

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 5754

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Worry plages me as I walk into the apartment after him, the thought of what he wants to show me is haunting as I follow him into his office where the door closes after me. He gestures for me to sit like he did when he presented me the “fake“ marriage certificate, draping his suit jacket over the back of his chair as he takes a seat.

Passing me a box from under his desk, I am momentarily stunned before I look at him in confusion, "Um...a present?"

"No," He replies, opening his laptop and putting on a pair of glasses I never knew he wore and begins typing. "It“s a package that arrived for you at my office, apparently the runner was misinformed of where to deliver the package."

Huh...that“s new...and he“s not saying anything about what I said in the car...or about waht he said in Ollie“s apartment...thank goodness he forgot it...

Tearing open the packaging, I riffle through the tissue paper inside and my fingers brush against a soft silky material, puzzled, I pull the edge of it and the box drops to the ground as I stand to hold the thing up.

"Eh?" I sound out in total confusion, my head tilted to the side as I look at it. " gown?"

It“s long and has lots of buttons from the back to the sleeves and a long train that drags along the floor although I“m already on my tippy toes trying to hold it up. There are beautiful lace designs along the bodice of the dress, a beautiful satin bow is tied on the back, all of it is in the traditional whites and cream. All in all, it“s a beautiful dress.

"Fuck," Alexander curses, standing swiftly from his chair. In a matter of seconds, he“s at my side, his grey eyes glaring holes into the dress. "How did she find out so soon?"

Huh? She

s gaze avid and intense.

Slamming his hands into the door of his office, I turn my face to the side, cringing at the loud bang. "Despite my utmost efforts not to, I have begun to care for you as a friend and having you disappearing to God knows where even if it was with my annoying cousin is something that bothered me. Greatly."

Closing my eyes, I find my words slipping through security checks from my brain to my mouth flying out like water, "Care for me only as a friend?What you said when you were sick contrasts greatly with what you speak now."

His responding grin is bone meltingly hot and stomach clenching at the same time, Alexander slips his hands down the door to my waistline which I quiver at his hot hands resting on the cotton material of my track pants.

I want to tell him to get his hands off of me but I can“t along with my mind and my heart, my voice has left my body at his touch. How...why does he affect me so greatly? Does he feel the same too?

I scoff at that thought. Nope, he will never feel like this in a thousand years but that isn“t my main concern right now...

What is he going to do next?

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