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   Chapter 27

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 7711

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The second she begins to scream, I“m at her side, the front door left wide open and I realise I“m not the only one who literally teleported to her. On her left side is him, his arms are around her in comfort like a wall against the harsh realities of the world, protecting her.

"Baby," he whispers softly, his voice broken and cracked as he takes in her general appearance. "Who made you cry? Tell me."

Olivia stops screaming at the sound of his voice, her eyes begin to tear up again as she stares at him, rubbing her arm gently, I gently tell her to breathe slowly and tell him what“s going on.

"I“m...I“," she weeps at him, tears starting anew as she leans away from him, turning to cry on my shoulder which to my shock earns me a deathly glare from him. "I...didn“t mean to run...I was so scared...I“m more scared now though..."

His glare turns into a puzzled look and my eyes dart to the papers that I must have dropped when I went to answer the door, and tell him using my eyes to read it. Hesitantly, he does so and I can say for sure his happiness is contagious.

"Three weeks pregnant," he breathes, wrapping his arms around her again this time I feel like I“m third wheeling or something, it“s really awkward when she“s hugging me and he“s hugging her. "Olivia Greys you“ve just made me the happiest man alive."

Sniffling, she lets go of me to turn to his in his embrace, "Huh?"

"A baby..."He says, breathing heavily as he stares into her eyes, a large grin graces his face as they stare at each other, one in pure happiness and the other in total confusion. "I“ve always wanted a family."

"But...we barely know each other..."She whimpers at him, her eyes begging him to do or say something that will make her believe he wants to be with her despite that fact and not just because she“s with his child. "I don“t even know your name..."

"Brett," He replies immediately, kissing her swiftly on her lips. "Brett Christopher Parker."

My mouth drops open at this. Wow, all this in one night, can it get any better? My best friend is pregnant, she coincidentally finds the baby“s daddy who she ran away from the morning after she slept with him and who also happens to work for her cousin, and although he knows next to nothing about her, he wants her and the b

s the car as he slides into the driver“s seat. Following him, I just about closed the door when he drives out of the car park. "Next time, call me before you go visiting my cousin."

Frowning at his words, I look over to the window a the passing buildings like last time when it was Mr Ford who came to fetch me to Alexander“s apartment, "I don“t have to tell you where I don“t own me..."

He says nothing in reply so I say nothing more. Driving into the carpark, he parks on the same level as Mr Forrd did last time and I all but scramble out of the car before he can even kill the engine. Going over to the elevator, I stand there and wait for him to key in the combination that“ll take us to his apartment...not that I don“t know it but...I don“t know the combination from the garage to his apartment, I“ve only ever used the front entrance since I walk to go to work.

The elevator air in the elevator is tense and heavy as it inches slowly to our floor, the steady beating of my hear fills my ears, making my head pound in time to the rhythm. Next, to me, Alexander has his normal cold and emotionless face on, his hands in the pockets of his suit pants, his jacket hanging on the crook of his arm.

"When we get into the apartment," He speaks suddenly, his voice filling the stiff silence of the elevator, his grey eyes piercing through my soul. "I want to give you something."

The doors slide open and he walks out before me, standing there frozen like a statue, my mind is a mess.

What could he want to show me?

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