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   Chapter 26

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" okay?" Olivia asks as we chow on some Chinese mian in the living room as the TV plays reruns of CSI: New Orleans in the background. "You haven“t said much since we got back."

Humming a response, I play with the food in my bowl with the chopsticks, my mind is still a whirl on what I have just learnt 3 hours ago.


"Alexander Holt? Why do you ask about him Beanie?" Vincent, no his name is Devon now asks me. "He“s my fact, he owns this gigantic building right here."

Of course, he does...

"Well, the other guy said something about Taiwan? Like Asia?" I probe as we walk to a nearby cafe where I order a cup of tea and he gets himself a black coffee. "Are you seriously going to drink that?"

Devon shrugs nonchalantly and nods, "Keeps me awake. With a boss like mine, sleep is hard to get by, the man barely sleeps from what I“ve experienced since I became his personal assistant."

"Anyways, why is your boss going to Taiwan?" I press though I note that Alexander barely sleeps which is something new to me. Of course, before I came into the picture it“s understandable with Danny waking up in the middle of the night for milk or diaper changes.

However, although now I am in the picture and I sleep in the same bed as that man it never occurred to me that not only do I not know what time he sleeps but also considering that he“s never there when I awake, it should have been obvious that he doesn“t sleep more so since his side of the bed is always neat and crease-free.

"Some sort of business deal," Devon smirks knowingly as he drinks his coffee, his eyes shining with mirth at me. "You haven“t changed much...your face still shows every emotion your feeling."

"What are you talking about?" I laugh remembering he told me this before and explained that it was the reason why I got into the most trouble back then. "My face doesn“t show every emotion I feel...only some?"

Chuckling deeply, he shakes his head at me, "Nope, al

st irritatable scowl on my lips, I stomp to the front door to give whoever it is a piece of my mind for interrupting us.

"We are Buddhists, we don“t want to hear the good news and we ceritanly don“t want stale cookies that you sell," I grit out as I open the door only to be faced with neither of what I assumed the knock could be about. Standing, six feet above me is a gigantic man whose looks are a competition to Alexander“s, in a gey office suit and steel blue eyes that darken when he sees me. "What do you want? I don“t want whatever it is your selling! Goodnight!"

I am about to slam the door and tell Olivia to run and hide when the door gets jammed a quarter through when he sticks his foot in the door frame and the door. Crab. This could be a problem.

"Miss Summers, my boss tasked me to look for you," He says suddenly, pushing the door that mind you I was putting my weight on to try and crush his foot and close the door open so that he could stroll into the apartment. "I“ve called him and told him of your location. He is on his way..."

Mr big and scary stops midsentence in the entrance to the living room where Olivia is and I hear the two words I can“t quite believe the coincidence.

"My Olivia..."

And she screams like someone is trying to kill her. This is going to be a long night...

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