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   Chapter 25

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Well, it took two days for his fever to dissipate and all I can say is I“m pretty sure he doesn“t remember a thing he said to me. In all honesty, I have no idea why I went all wife on him. Maybe it“s just the character in me that makes me like this. Or it could be the fact that though he“s horrible to me some part of me, amid a very small...okay...that“s an understatement...still loves him.

Not only did he hit you but he killed a man in front of you, how can you still love a man like that? I reprimand myself angrily as I walk down the streets dressed in sweats, a hoodie and sneakers from the supermarket with Ms Denise shuffling beside me humming a tune to Danny who“s in the pram. Maybe, I“m just in love with his son and his employees.

"Janette!" A familiar voice shouts from the crowd behind us, and fast clicking heels approach us as I turn to see who called out to me. "You batshit crazy woman! Don“t give me that surprised look! What the hell happened?"

A blonde haired, bright blue-eyed, flawless skinned young woman pushes and kicks her way through the crowd to get to me and she literally jumps on my back and starts pulling my hair out.

Olivia Greys.

"Ow!Ow!Ow! OLIVIA! CUT IT OUT!" I scream as I try to get her off me, yelling profanities at me she continues to rip what little of my hair is left before she reluctantly climbs off of me. "Nothing happened!"

"Don“t lie to me, Summers! You know what I“m talking about!" She growls angrily, grabbing me by my arm causing me to drop all my groceries. Stopping at a roadside magazine booth, she snatches a copy of the latest issue of OK! magazine and shoves it in my face. "THIS! What the hell is this! It doesn“t look like nothing!"

On the cover page is a picture of Alexander carrying me

myself off of the sidewalk, brushing the street dirt off my behind, by the habit of the old days I turn to the person who called my old name. "Beanie?"

I haven“t heard that dumb nickname since...

"Beanie?" A pair forest green eyes come into contact with my brown ones and my heart nearly stops. He looks so different...His dirty blonde hair is no longer long and unruly but more well kept and tidy, his skin has no more scoot marks and his scars are less prominent but they“re clearly still there. "Little Beanie?"

Oh God. "Vincent?" I breathe hollowly, staring at him not believing that he“s here...alive. "The ringmaster..."

Why? All the men who I thought to be dead are coming back to life...first Mason...then now Vincent...What on earth is going on?

"Devon! What are you doing?" A man yells as he runs between us, his back facing me. "Mr Holt needs you to call up his pilot to register a flight for him to Taiwan."

Devon? Is that what he calls himself now? Hmm...looks like I“m not the only one whose name had changed when the ringmaster died...

Wait... My mind takes a moment to register the other man“s words.

Alexander“s going to Taiwan?!

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