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   Chapter 24

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The world falls away as we kiss. It being slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be, using his mouth he tells me what he can“t with his words. His hand reaches up to cup my face his thumb caressing my cheek. His other hand curls around my waist drawing me to him until there is no space left between us and I could feel the beating of his heart against my chest. The strong and steady beats spread a warmth through me like a blanket and all too soon he pulls away.

"You have some questions," he notes his grey eyes watchful and light clearly relaxed as he cocks his head down to look at my foot which he“s bandaging. His fingertips subtly brushing my ankle in a tease before wrapping it tightly in the bandage. "Ask away."

“Um...Who were those men that night?...What did they want from you? When you had a fever you said Mason can“t take me away from you...what did you mean? Why did my brothers have guns? Who are you guys?" I rush out, my cheeks heating up as one question tumbles out after each other.

"Easy there," Alexander coos, repeating the same process when wrapping my right foot, his eyes hooded like I had triggered something in him. "Slowly. One question at a time. Deep breaths, love."

Drawing in a deep breath, I let it out in a whoosh and I almost feel calm if it weren“t for the questions swirling in my mind, "Mr Holt...who are you? Really?"

Sitting next to me on the bed, he sighs like he anticipated this question first. Taking one of my hands in his, he brings it to his lips in a cherishing manner, "Like I said before. Don“t leave me like she did."

"Lillian? She cheated, didn“t she? I won“t cheat on you, ever...and"I am cut off when his hand covers my mouth gently to stop me from speaking. “Mmufmm...mmhm!"

"Stop talking and listen," He says his eyes lit with amusement as I struggle to talk through his hand. "She cheated, yes. However, tha

.. I have nothing to rebuke him about these statements...

"Who“s this rival then?" I ask curiously, inching closer to him to hear his response. "I“m sure you have plenty but...why is this one so bent on meeting me?"

"You mentioned Mason," he avoids the question, opening one eye to look at me. "That night when you passed out, I was there. He threatened me to take you away."

Threaten him? Why would Mason threaten Alexander? And why me?

Ugh! Every question he answers I just have more questions to ask!

"Why me?" I mutter softly, sitting on my heels, looking down at the edge of my nightgown. "I“m no one special..."

"No one special?" He sighs questioningly, his arm reaching out and pulling me to him. "To others, perhaps. To me? baby, you“re my world and so much more. I wouldn“t give you up even if I had the universe given to me on a silver platter."

It“s his fever talking...right? Moving out of his hold, I place my palm on his forehead and I can literally see the steam coming off his forehead. It came back...his fever...

"Okay, let“s get the fever down again," I sigh, knowing whatever he“s saying and doing now is because of the fever. "Come on."

Does he really mean it though? Can I believe anything that he“s said and sone tonight?

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