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   Chapter 23

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 7074

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Ripping my legs out of their frozen stance, I dash in front of Alexander cutting the bottom of my feet as I do so with Danny in my arms so that if he wants to shoot her, he has to shoot me and Danny first.

"Sweetheart, move," he growls, his eye trained solely on his Mother hatred clear in his eyes and leaking out every pore of his body.

"If you want to shoot her shoot me first," I hiss, my heart stuttering in my chest. "She“s your Mother..."

Roughly I“m pushed out of the way by her and she snarls at me, "You little slut, did you think I“d be grateful to you stopped him? You“re a fool for thinking so."

Danny bawls even louder now and I bounce him up and down to try and get him to calm down.

"Leave," he spits out angrily at her, his eyes boring into mine, concern and worry is evident in them. "If she is wounded in any way, I will personally go after you. You are no one to touch what“s mine, Mother. You should have known better than that."

"What does she have that is so valuable? Her looks could put trash to shame, and she looks close to poverty," She laughs sarcastically, giving me a once-over. "I“m pretty sure all she“s good for is a good fuck."

Alexander moves so quickly that I would have missed it if I had blinked, his hand flew up and slapped her right across her cheek, her foundation cracks and her lipstick smudges.

God no. He hit her.

"Yes, Mother," he spits like calling her by her title is poison on his tongue. "She may look like nothing but she is my everything."

My heart stills.

"I“ll tell your Father," she screams like a little girl, using the Father card. "He“s going to be so mad at you for hitting me!"

"Sure let“s call him. I“m sure he“ll like both sides of the story," he growls warningly at her.

Screaming her wrath, she stomps down the hallway into the living room, slamming the front door on her way out.

The second the sound of the front door slamming echoes, Alexander“s hand is on my throbbing cheek in an instant and I jump when his warm hand touches the sore area.

"Could use some ice," he murmurs, cornering me into the wall with

own to my fingers at this. He that means he listened right?

"Unless of course," he adds, standing up from his kneeling position below me to sit next to me. "You want to include such a dynamic in our contractual relationship?"

I“m frozen. Not because he“s actually considering adding sex into our contract based relationship but because although he“s trying to hide it his eyes tells me he“s hopeful I“d say yes.

You can“t...he“s a killer remember, my mind screams at me and I agree. I don“t even know him enough to trust him especially after he did what he did...

"Can I get back to you...on this matter?" I whisper my voice totally gone, my heart beating a mile a minute. "Give me till this Friday, the 25th? I should have an answer by then."

"25th it is then, love," he agrees, leaning towards me to kiss my cheek but me being uncomprehending I turn my head at that moment to give him an apologetic smile so he ends up gently kissing my lips.

Sweet Mother Of God...


OMG, I didn“t know that the guy is gay!(I didn“t even know his name??) Nothing against gays or anything but why are all the hot ones always gay?! Even if they“re not they“d already be taken...??. Anyways, new chapter for you guys, I was bored with math so...Ta-Da!

Guys! Don“t forget to comment! I love the comments and votes from you guys it really makes my day. (Honestly, I like comments more??)

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