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   Chapter 22

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 6034

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The woman is pretty but that“s expected being someone who“d know the keypad combination to Alexander“s house, her silky blonde hair is immaculate and her skin could be toufu for all I know. In her business like clothes, she looks intimidating and dominant like him.

"Karen," Alexander nods at her sitting up as she sits on the chair I pulled up from the walk-in closet, making myself seem as invisible as I can in the corner of the room, I watch attentively at the awkward scene that“s unfolding in front of me. "What brings you here at this time in the night?"

"Do I need a reason to visit my son?" she asks indignantly, although her body language such as her hands which are clasped together say otherwise. "Anyways, I did want to see my new future daughter in law and I“m glad I“ll be having another grandchild soon."

Wha—hold on now, I gape in my corner, staring directly at the back of her head. Who said I“m going to have children with Alexander?

Hold on... Do I want kids with Alexander? Nope impossible. The contract has nothing on this kind of it“s never going to happen.

“No attachments, remember?“

"Janette," Alexander calls me, effectively shooing away the sound of my voice when he tried to get me to strip in the hotel room, "I think I could go for another bowl of porridge, can you get some?"

"You“re hungry?" I breathe the memory of his husky voice fresh in my mind as I eye him sceptically, and as if he knew what I was thinking his grey eyes dart quickly to the cot where a half-asleep baby is watching us all and I get the message. "I“ll go make some more. You are all of the last batch."

Getting Danny out of the cot, I quickly scurried out of the bedroom, my heart begging me to look back but my mind tells me to ignore whatever“s going on between him an

okay baby," I hush him as I feel my nose getting blocked from how hard I“m trying not to cry. "“s okay..."

"What the hell is that garbage you“re trying to feed my son!" She shrilly screeches at me causing Danny to cry harder. "My son is the richest man in the continental USA and you“re feeding him crap from your buttocks!"

I wince as Danny screams and buries his face in my shoulder from how loud she“s yelling at me. Hushing him, I feel the first tears falling from my eyes at her insult.

"Karen," Alexander says deathly low, staking towards us, his grey eyes wild and crazy as he stares directly at his Mother.

From under the dressing table, he draws out a gun and my heart literally stops. Would he?

I watch frozen as his arm comes up and points the barrel of the gun at her forehead.

He would.


I more or less picture Alexander as the man in the picture. I don“t know who he is but he seems to fit the image in my head...more or less. Sorry for the late updates. I have a math exam tomorrow and I“ve totally given up on 3-D shapes and their surface areas or whatnot so this is my way of letting out my stress. Wish me luck for tomorrow guys!

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