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   Chapter 21

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 6120

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“Danny gets cuddles.“ Of course, he does...he“s only ten months old.

“Danny has you all the time.“ That“s not true...

“ Danny gets called Danny.“ Again, he“s a baby...

“Even when if I kissed you-you still call me Mr Holt...can“t you see I love you?"“

His words ring in my head as he continues to mumble some incoherent things into my stomach. He“s just unwell...he doesn“t mean“s the fever talking...

"I...I...want Janie," he grumbles, tickling my insides as his deep voice vibrates through the fabric of my hmm...nightgown? Yeah...I“m just going to call it that.

"Okay, Mr Holt. That“s enough," I murmur, trying to step out of his reach. "Let me put Danny into the cot and I“ll tend to you next."

"See," he mumbles sadly, holding on to me tighter as I try to move away, his eyes shining in the dim light of the bedroom. Hmm...I forgot to check the time..." You said his name so easily, he can sleep with you, he can hug you without being pushed away...what about me?"

"Okay, about you lay down and rest then when you get better I“ll hug, sleep and say your name? How about that?" I coo at him, trying to keep the stuttering and awkwardness to the minimum.

At this Mr Holt releases me almost immediately and lays down. Almost like a puppy... I note quietly as I pull the cot out of the walk-in closet, somehow I managed to convince him a week ago to get an actual cost for Danny, that in itself was a miracle...until now.

Placing the sleeping baby inside, I turn my attention to the burning Mr Holt, no, Alexander. He“s right, I“ll admit that much. I have to start calling him by his name otherwise it“d look odd to society. The washcloth slips between my fingers and lands with a loud splat on his face to which he whines that it“s cold.

"Since when did I bother about wha

ice. "I“ll just get the thermometer..."

Alexander“s lips brush mine as he pulls me closer to him when I tried to get out of the bed.His lips assault mine not like the first time but more forcefully, like a tease but hot, fiery, passionate and demanding. I want to pull away before I lose myself to his spell which may I admit I may already have. In this minty moment, my senses have been seduced and I can no longer think straight.

"Janette," he whispers slowly, prolonging each letter as if to savour them. My heart flutters at his voice as I lift my hand but it“s caught in a tight grip before I could touch him. I hardly had a moment to react before he pressed his tongue to the seam of my lips forcing my lips apart and his tongue delves into my mouth.

Pulling away for a second to breathe, I am suddenly arched up into his broad chest, an involuntary moan from the contact of his body heat against my own makes the fire that has ignited in my abdomen flare up.

Oh god please, don“t let this be a dream...

"Alexander," A loud female voice yells angrily from the room door that bursts open just as Alexander slips his tongue out of my mouth.

Yeap, this is definitely not a dream.

This is a nightmare.

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