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   Chapter 20

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 6140

Updated: 2017-12-12 12:03

It“s dark my body is light and my hair is flying around me like I“m in water...I“ve been here before after the panic attack in Mr King“s office. I like it here. It“s music...beautiful music...

Soft piano notes sound in the far off distance and I feel myself getting lost in the sweet soulful music that“s filtering in the air of my subconscious.

The notes flow and drift through me like blood, sorrow and apology of the pianist assaults my mind causing my heart to pound at an erratic pace.

Just when it“s reaching the climax of the song, it stops. My lungs contract and my head pounds as I struggle to breathe. I feel my mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water and suddenly...I“m awake.

Dark blue bedsheets hug me from the back, a heavy comforter rests on my stomach, my hands crossed under my belly. My hair is spread out like a fan across a familiar pillow, the cool delicious smelling air of the bedroom caressing my skin like silk.

"So, you“re awake?" A cold taunting voice growls from the edge of the bed. I lift my head slightly before jumping up and scampering off the bed. "Watch it."

My heart pounds in my ears as his cold grey eyes assess me, sitting on the floor like an immobile idiot if you“re wondering my legs were the consistency of jelly when I tried to stand so I basically went down like a bear shot with a tranquilliser.

"Mr Holt..." I breathe my eyes not believing he“s here, tears biting my eyes as I will myself not to cry. "What...How..."

Picking me up off the floor, I struggle in his hold remembering how he killed those men. Laying me down on the bed, he leans over me and I am enveloped by his enticing smell, my tears leak out of my eyes, and my heart constricts at the sight of him.

"Hello," he murmurs, his breath fanning my face, my lips part and suck in

...okay? I don“t get to say anything further as she chases me out of the kitchen and into the hallway, balancing Danny and the tub of water I head towards the master bedroom. Opening the door with my hip, I see Mr Holt sitting up on the edge of the bed.

"No, no," I scold him lightly, placing the tub of water on the nightstand. "Lie down. Your sick, you have had a fever for god knows how long."

Gripping my hips with his hands, he buries his head into my stomach and nuzzles into me. His breaths are laboured and he“s sweating a lot despite the air conditioning being on.

"I“m...j-jealous," He mumbles, pulling me more to him. "He gets to be in your arms. He has all your attention. What about me?"

Huh? Who? Running my free hand through his hair in a gesture to comfort him, I have no idea honestly about this “he“ he“s mumbling about.

"Who, Mr Holt?" I ask softly like I would to Danny. "I would never cheat even though your the way you are with me."

He shakes his head in disagreement, "Danny gets cuddles, Danny has you all the time, Danny gets called Danny. I get called “Mr Holt“, “Mr Holt“ this, “Mr Holt“ that. Even when if I kissed you-you still call me Mr Holt...can“t you see I love you?"


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