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   Chapter 19

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 6059

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Fuck. Just fuck. What the hell have I done?

To say I“m an idiot is an understatement. I just...damn. I can hear her crying in the living room. Her harsh breathing and her soft screams as she cries herself out because of me strikes my core. I feel my heart pounding in my ears as the adrenaline from earlier subsides and the reality of my actions sets in. This was supposed to be a break for her. How the hell did I fuck up?

I couldn“t help myself, for the last three weeks I“ve done everything I could to drive her away from me, to make sure she hates me with every cell in her body, shooting her down when she suggested anything for the reception, giving her sarcastic responses when she asked my opinion, even going as far as to leaving her in the middle of the discussion.

Having her close to me at night. Her fresh vanilla smell invading my senses. The memory of the clumsy and shy young woman from the coffee shop taunting me. Just made it all the more harder for me to be mean to her. This is all King“s fault. He spread the

rumour to my family, and suggested her to fill the role. God, if he wasn“t my right-hand man I would have shot him long ago.

Though what he failed to mention was she was a ravishing beauty...and a long lost childhood memory. She never cared about herself, she didn“t care when my father pointed a gun at her head. In fact, she just sat in front of my sister trembling but not moving while I stood behind him watching everything but doing nothing in fear of what he would do to me if I intervened, having been beaten by him one to many times to remember the consequences of defying the Don.

That day when I cornered her in my apartment, how I regret seeing the fear in her eyes, the fact that she used her body to shield my child was what confirmed who she wa

flashing me a taunting grin that makes me want to rip his eyes out.

How dare he touch what“s mine? How dare he even look at her? Storming into the diner, the pouting waitress suddenly perks up, an unflattering smile gracing her lips as she walks towards me.

Ignoring her, I storm over to the booth and rip the curtains open to see my baby passed out on the seats and a very pleased looking Mason.

"She knows I“m alive," he says his eyes twinkling as he gets out of the booth."I wonder what she will do when I tell her your family set the fire to my house."

I grind my teeth against each other to prevent myself from pulling out my gun and shooting this prick right here right now. Too many witnesses, I remind myself.

"What do you say Holt?" He asks, sliding casually out of the booth, buttoning his jacket. "Shall we make a game of who wins the maiden“s love?"

With that he walks away and I am tempted very much tempted to go after him and beat the shit out of him but I have something more occupying to take care of first.

She looks terrible. Her cheeks are blotchy and my hand print is evident on her cheek mocking me as I carry her in my arms.

Fuck Holt. What the fuck have you done?

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