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   Chapter 18

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 6189

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I left the hotel room after I cried myself out on the cold marble floor, I couldn“t bear to be in the same room as him and now I have no idea what to do.

I“m in my underwear on the streets in an oversized T-shirt and man boots—his boots since I couldn“t find my shoes. Looking through one of the many closed shops on the street, I see that on my cheek is a dark purple in the shape of a hand, gently I poke it letting out a sharp breath of pain as tears form on the edge of my eyes.

It hurts...

A dark shadow blocks the light from the street lamp and I am about to scream for help when the shadow places its hand on my shivering shoulder.

"Miss, are you okay?" A manly voice asks, looking at me through the reflection on the display case of the closed shop. "That bruise looks bad. Do you need medical attention?"

Not really in the mood for anyone to help me I respond coldly," Unless there is a hospital for broken hearts, I suggest you leave me alone before I sock you so hard you“d need a hospital, stranger."

The man chuckles lightheartedly which warms my heart causing a small smile to grace my lips.

"Damian West," he introduces himself, gently turning me around to face him. "And you are?"

I give him a doubtful stare before replying,"I“m nobody that you would be concerned about."

In the light of the street lamp, I see that he is a blond male with striking sky blue eyes and a lean figure. He“s gorgeous.

Not as handsome as Mr Holt but...he could sure give him a run for his money...

"Well, nobody I should be concerned about, how about we go into that diner across the street and you can tell me how you got that bruise," he suggests, holding me by the small of my back in one of his ginormous hands and pointing to the brightly lit Fiber with his other. "I“ll get you pancakes..."

It“s three or four in the mor

on along, and the second he set his eyes on me, we hit it off. Every time they came to get more child servants, Mason would be there to play with me or teach me things.

One day the ringmaster cheated his father, in exchange for his life he sold me to his family saying that I am his “best one“, due to the insistent begging of his son, Mr Salvatore agreed and accepted me and I was made his son“s personal servant, no one but his son had the right to touch me.

No more than a week after they took me in, Mr Salvatore killed the ringmaster and set all the child servants free. Mason“s mother and father agreed that I was more than just a personal servant to Mason so before they let me go they made me promise to marry Mason in the future.

I did but no less than a month after my adoption into the Summers family I read in the papers that the mansion that they lived in caught fire and that the bodies that were found were unrecognisable or identifiable having been burnt to a crisp.

"I thought you died..." I Whisper hollowly before my body shuts down. The exhaustion of the week and earlier events causing my mind to go into overdrive.

The last thing I hear is...

"That little fire couldn“t have torn me away from you."

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