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   Chapter 17

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 6181

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What on earth am I thinking! A romance between him and I would be like the moon trying to date the sun. Both so different the romance would fail before it even starts.

His muscles shift and soften as he lowers the gun, holding it with two fingers he turns around such that I have to take my forehead off his back, his free hand snakes its way around my waist and pulls me front to front with him.

"Miss Summers," he murmurs softly, making my knees go weak. "Forgive me."

What? Before I am able to question him, his hand that was at my waist presses the side of my head to his chest, muffling my hearing, his palm closes over my eyes. Mr Holt swiftly turns on the ball of his heels bringing me with him, the floor beneath my feet vibrates deeply like it does when I used to fall during ballet class.

Mr Holt removes his hand from my eyes and the scene that greets me is one enough to make me sick. The dark red hole in his head and the slow trickle of dark red blood making a crimson stream on his forehead causes a scream to be stuck in my throat. The deadpan and unaffected expressions of my brothers look almost expectantly at Mr Holt who just nods and Adam takes out his phone to make a call.

"It“s done. Clean up this mess," he growls harshly into the receiver as whoever it is on the other line replies and he gives a non-committal grunt before ending the call.

He...s-shot him...f-for no reason at all...Shakily, I walk in front of the body, my heart begging my mind to tell it that what I“m seeing isn“t true.

Two soft “pops“ go off behind me and I turn just in time to see Oliver and the man who held me by the back of my shirt holding guns at the falling bodies of the dead man“s followers. The one who held me up by the back of my shirt gives me a polite smile before pocketing his gun.

A knock sounds and Mr Holt walks

dered me your family you wouldn“t have shot that innocent man in front of me no less when I had pleaded no—begged you not to! A family doesn“t kill in front of each other much less have bipolar jerks that happen to be the husband! If I were your family, you wouldn“t have to force me to mar—"

My voice is cut off, the harsh ring of the slap echoes in the room, my cheek stings from it. The sound of my heart shattering is clear, the bright red hand print on my cheek is even clearer.

This was a mistake from the start, this is all my fault. I let emotion get in the way of my actual job. I“m just the nanny. I“m no one more than the person he hired to take care of his baby and fulfil some other requirements in the job description.

It“s my fault for falling for him when it clearly says in the clauses that I signed that I cannot under any circumstances fall for him.

"Mr Holt," I say shakily as I get up, while he just kneels there. "I“m sorry I crossed the line."

With that I leave the room, the living room is clear of people and the bodies, not a trace of the murder that happened here moments ago. Knowing that he“s nowhere near me, I let the dam break as I collapse on the floor.

I“m such an idiot. As always...

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