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   Chapter 16

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 4318

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Not saying what“s on my mind, Mr Holt takes my silence as I have nothing more to ask about the strange men in the living room, tossing me the T-shirt I was wearing, he gives me one last glance before walking out of the bedroom, and closing the door gently behind him.

Sitting there in a daze, the T-shirt hangs limply on my head obscuring half of my face, my heart is banging to be released from its cage my mind“s eye repeatedly replays the intimidation and domination in his eyes when he answered me.

The burn of his stormy grey eyes engraves itself in the walls of my mind, blood rushes to my head, and my breathing is short and quick. His eyes...what was that all about? Grabbing the shirt, I quickly throw it on and dash out into the living room where I feel a cold chill run through my body as I see all my brothers, dressed formally in suits and ties, lounging on the sofa but that“s not what makes me“s the sight of Mr Holt holding a gun to the head of the man on the sofa...the one that had given me an amused expression when Mr Holt had carried me into the room.

Where did he even get a gun?! I find myself panicking in my mind as I try to prove together the scene unfolding in front of me. At least he should have some decency to put on a shirt!

Where the he

focus on the barrel of the gun.

"Mr Holt...j-just put it down," I stutter my mind thrown aback by his strange request, my body quivers as his bicep flexes under my pam in preparation to pull the thing that looks like an inverted C, which I know from experience will send a bullet flying from the barrel.

Oh please, if there is a god up there watching us. Help me.

"Alexander," I whisper, trying and failing to keep my fear from seeping into my voice, leaning forward I rest my forehead against his stiff back. "Whatever it about it...with him...don“t shoot..."

I feel so...helpless when it comes to him, I may not be his "wife wife " but I“m very much convinced that I do feel something for him.

Maybe...I“m just pathetic as always...but maybe just maybe I“m starting to take an interest in the one man I“m not supposed to.

My husband.

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