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   Chapter 14

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 5533

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"Why did she leave you?" I ask him quietly, trying to keep my heart from escaping my chest cavity as his lips run up and down my neck, his tongue licking softly touching the places his lips have, sending goosebumps up and down my body, ignoring my question. "Your ex-wife...why did she leave you and Danny?"

He freezes, his lips disappear from my skin and he leans back in the tub, pulling me with him, we lie like that in the tub until he gives a long sigh as if he had decided something before replying,"That“s a story for another day."

"What makes you think that whatever reason she left you for will make me leave you as well?" I ask him, pressing on for more information, he“s silent. "At least tell me, how long were the two of you married."

"Little less than a year," He answers indifferently, shifting himself under the water so that I“m pressed closer to him, despite my best efforts to move away slowly so that he wouldn“t notice. "It“s a matter of public record, Miss Summers."

Taking a deep breath, I ask what has been on my mind for quite some time now, "Why me? I mean, you could have any woman who is prettier or smarter or as good as you in America, I“m just...plain, average..."

I laugh uncomfortably as I clench and unclench my thighs together under the cooling water, "I mean, look at me..."

The water shifts and falls as he moves out of the bath from behind me, my cheeks turn a bright red as I avert my eyes from him after a moment I feel a light tap on my shoulder to which I turn to and see that he had wrapped a towel loosely around his waist, and is holding out a terry-towel bathrobe to me.

Giving him a sceptical

in anticipation of what he will do.

"You have a nice butt," he whispers sensually into my ear, making my flaming face burn. "But that“s not all I found nice, princess."

I close my eyes in embarrassment, curling into a ball trying to stop his wandering hand from going into the wrong territory.

"One day, you will let me see it," he continues, stroking my inner thigh now, although I am in a ball he somehow managed to squeeze his hand there. If he goes any upper, I swear will make sure his baby making device disappears and ends up in his breakfast tomorrow morning.

And besides, just how inflated can his ego be? Whatever he saw just now was an accident, at least the rose petals covered me in the bath...

"And when that day comes I wouldn“t have to secretly watch from the bathroom door."

Okay, that“s enough.

I grab the blanket and pull it over my head as I hear a soft chuckle from above me.

"You look hot in my shirt by the way," he says through the blanket, his body pressed near mine.

Oh god, someone please grab an axe and murder this arrogant, bipolar, egotistical jerk!

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