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   Chapter 13

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 6737

Updated: 2017-12-12 12:03

The bath was too nice and warm to get out was heaven as I would say it. The warm water flows over my skin as I wash my tired body, almost falling asleep as I do, my mind and body relaxing. My thoughts drift and flow over me like a short film as I go through what has happened over the last few weeks. Everything is planned out, from the reception to the after party and the date is set for the 10th of September 2012, which is in 24 days.

Sitting up in the warm water, I draw my legs up to my chest as I play with the sparkling diamond encrusted ring under the water. I don“t know why I decided to wear it after that busted marriage proposal in the office in front of my co-workers. The main reason we did it in front of everyone was so that one of them would try to sell the story to the papers and make it public.

Tomorrow...tomorrow we will see if anyone snitched us...I think to myself, twisting the ring on my finger. I mean, if the tabloids already got shots of us walking down the street and going into the same apartment building, his driver picking me up after work and me holding Danny, I“m not surprised if one of my co-workers is out making an extra buck right now.

The lights in the bathroom dim into a warm mellow kind of yellow, causing me to stray from my thoughts and look up to the doorway, where I see a-naked-except-for-a-towel-Mr Holt, leaning on the door frame looking at me, his eyes guarded not letting me see what he“s thinking.

"Having second thoughts, Ms Summers?" He asks me, coming into the bathroom and closing the door behind him my eyes dart to the towel by the rack but it“s too far to get unless I get out of the bath which would mean walking butt bare in front of him.

What if I make a dash for it?

"If you run to get that towel, you“ll fall," He smirks, following the glances I“m giving the towel rack. "If you fall, I“ll get a longer look."

I blush. How does he read my mind? I“m not saying all this aloud am I? Looking over at him, I find that he is now

r, his hand rubbing soothing circles on my waist is the only thing that my mind registers at the moment. "I won“t let you go. I won“t let you leave me."

His lips press themselves on my neck, his tongue darting out to lick the skin his lips had touched.

"So, please, don“t leave me alone like she did..."

Author“s note:

Okay, so, someone asked for Alexander“s Point Of View but because I, personally, feel that I should stick with one Point of View, Janette Summer“s Point Of View, throughout the entire book because I“ve always written this way and have no idea how to jump between Point Of Views...and that“s also why this chapter was slow in updating...I was trying to write in Alexander“s Point Of View but I couldn“t.

However, thanks to @Renrix who mentioned Alex“s Point Of View...

I“ve decided that when I“m done with this book, I“ll write another totally in Alexander“s Point Of View, but just give me time to try and think how this crazy man thinks...though I created him, he“s hard to understand...even for me(Just kidding;) I know a little bit of why he“s like this but I“m not spoiling this for you guys!)

Thanks for reading!!!

P.S I don“t normally write A/Ns because I know how annoying it is when in ur notifications it says ...has been updated but in actuality when you click on it it“s just an A/N.

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