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   Chapter 12

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 3394

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"They did mention a younger sister a few times after they started working for me," he continues. "Adam, once said his younger sister is stubborn and wanted to move from his father“s house in Georgia Atlanta to study English literature at a college in Vancouver Washington."

"Not more than a year later they lose contact with her and their father wouldn“t tell them her location either."

"What does this have to do with the two of you staring each other down at the office? How did he make you mad?" I interrupt, my lips rubbing against the collar of his shirt.

"There are plenty of reasons why we are mad at each other but this one is one reason you won“t ever have to understand unless your brother decides to tell you," he answers, his hands leave my waist to unwrap my arms from him, taking a step back, he moves his hands back on my waist. "It“s not my place."

Rolling my eyes, I give him my best I-am-as-innocent-as-a-baby face when I mumble, "Since when did you care whether or not it“s your place to

I hear the bathroom door click shut. What is the matter with you? I scold myself, shaking on my knees in the middle of the steam from the bath water. You were angry at him just a few moments ago, why did you suddenly go all wife on him?

You liked it when his arms were around you...why? What makes him so special that your guards have fled from their post letting him in so easily? What am I doing?

No attachments...Remember?

I feel like hitting myself for bringing that term of our agreement up. I wanted him to massage me. I wanted his hands on me. Am I feeling this because he kissed me today? Yeah, that“s it. I“m just...This is...the after effect of it...


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