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   Chapter 11

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 5276

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Getting out of the driver“s seat, he rounds the hood of the car and yanks open the passenger door, unbuckling my seatbelt with one hand and his other grips my bicep. Yanking me out of the car, I begin to struggle against his hold as he literally drags me to the bank of elevators in the lobby, my feet barely touching the ground.

Fishing out a room car he scans it and presses for the 12 floor. The ride is silent and the second the door open he pulls me down the beautiful carpeted hallway into a suite near the end.

Releasing me inside the room, he turns all the locks at door and slides the dead lock into place, his dark and angry eyes turn to me and I cower back.

"W-what are we doing here," I whisper as I back away with every step he takes towards me. "Mr.Holt?"

My back hits a wall and in a matter of second he is in front of me and has my hands above my head in a tight grip, lifting me from the ground, my feet dangling a few inches above the ground, I am now head to head with him, my breasts though clad in cloth is pushed up and pressed against his chest.

My breath hitches as his leg slithers in between mine hitching up my plaited skirt, my lacy pantie clad mould resting on his business pants, supporting my weight. His warm lips centimetres from touching mine, his hot heavy breaths mixing with mine.

"Do you have something you want to tell me, Miss Summers?" He growls, his lips hardly moving yet his words are clear. "Tell me Miss Summers. Do you want to tell me something?"

Struggling in his hold, I whimper pathetically, his grip tightens, the

.and giving me those dark glares and...the stalking towards me just now?"

His lips are set in a grim line, " I am pissed off at some things going on at work. You ignoring me and evading every attempt I take to tell you about tonight“s plans just pissed me off more."

"You“re pissed off at some things going on at work?" I ask, my rage at him for dragging me here suddenly gone and replaced by concern. "Want to talk about it?"

"No," he replies, his hands griping my waist tightly telling me otherwise. Sighing, I reach up on my toes and wrap my arms around his neck.

"Talk to me," I mumble into his shoulder. "Like you said I“m you“re wife I“m supposed to be your listening ear as well."

His hands hang limply by his sides as I hug him. Sure I hate this guy down to my bones but I have come to regard him as a friend deep very deep down...I think.

"Your brothers," he starts, and I stiffen but my arms still around him. "They are the head of various departments in my company."

Oh crab! You have got to be kidding me.

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