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   Chapter 10

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 5082

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Three weeks. It“s only been three weeks that we“ve "been together" in this strange arrangement and he decides “Oh! So she has brothers what a great opportunity to kiss her in front of them just to irk them“.

Danny gurgles as I bounce him on my lap and at the same time I try to read an approved manuscript from the pile of papers.

"Etta," Mr King sings as he enters my office, a big bright grin on his face. "I heard someone got her first kiss today..."

I sigh at his gossipy “tell me everything and I mean everything“ tone and gently place the papers on my table, deciding not to beat around the bush I dive straight into what“s bothering me,"Mr King, he wants me to resign to take care of Danny."

I hesitate only a few seconds before adding,"I don“t want to resign."

Mr King nods understandingly, sitting on one of the two plushy visitor chairs opposite my desk. His eyes clouding as he thinks into the matter.

"Etta...I understand but you need to keep up your pretence that you“re married to Alex," he says finally, deciding he should try to reason with me. "How can the wife of America“s richest bachelor be working for a living? It would look strange wouldn“t it?"

"No," I reply softly, holding on to Danny“s waist, my eyes not meeting his. "Whether or not I want to work is my choice."

"Etta," he says in a warning tone you“d use with a persistent child. "I don“t want to lose my best editor either but please..."

My eyes fill with tears and my lips begin to tremble as I feel the waterworks

turning white from his tight grip on the steering wheel. "Now or I“ll throw you up here myself, Summers."

Whimpering, I jump out of the car and slide into the front seat. Sure, I may have gotten a little thick skinned since living with him but when we“re alone, I can“t help but be a little shaking lamb that jumps at every sound and follows every order.

The engine roars and tires squeal as he drives away from the apartment. I“m mad at him. I“m mad at him. I“m mad at him. Chanting this mantra in my head, I put on my most convincing angry face and glare ahead like what ever in front of the car is the cause for my anger.

He drives on for half an hour before pulling up on 411 university street at the main entrance to Fairmount Hotel. My eyes widen in awe of the magnificent beauty that is this hotel. The classy exterior chilling me to the bone and it reminds me how out o place I am here in my shabby cheap work clothes that could be dust on the doorman“s clothes.

This is going to be a long fight.

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