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   Chapter 9

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 3823

Updated: 2017-12-05 12:05

Oh. My. God. Why now?

All the female assistant editors look ready to drop their soaking panties for my older brothers and none of them notices it, all eleven pairs of eyes are staring directly at me, the man on bended knee in front of me and the giggling baby in my arms.

Okay, so eleven is a big number right? I was adopted into an all man family, with their sickly mother always wanting a daughter but has only ever been able to produce boys, I was in the right place at the right time and they adopted me. At first, it was terrifying to be surrounded by so many men.

It took me almost three years before I managed to open up to them and tell them my past, for a meek, undernourished, and shy ten-year-old I daresay, I had seen more than what others have in their short ten years.

So, there“s Adam the eldest, Oliver, Keith, Lucas, Aloysius, James and Zachary who are triplets, Logan, Seth, William, and Theodore the second youngest.

When I was in primary school, the girls in my class would dub them as princes. When I went on to Secondary school it became Sex Gods and luckily, I managed to move far far away from them during co

my chest and I hear angry mumbles coming from my brothers. Shifting Danny so that he is only using one hand to hold the baby, he uses his hand to pull me nearer to him so that we are now hip to hip. I look up to glare at him but our faces end up really close.

The furious pounding in my chest rings in my ears as I inhale the minty smell of his breath, the manly smell of him and of course the smell of a baby. Leaning into me, his lips touch mine in a shocking kiss, electric spikes run through my body, my lungs constricting struggling to draw air.

Before my eyes close in a state of momentary bliss, I catch the sight of my angry, shocked and totally outraged brothers and I know I“m going to have to kill Mr Holt when we get back to the apartment tonight.

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