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   Chapter 8

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 6406

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Okay, you“ve thought this“s for“re doing this for a matter of a fact, its a wonder how the baby has survived this long with such a hopeless father...

Pacing around the office, I wring my hands by my side, trying to muster enough courage to go into Mr King“s office. I can do this no, I must do this! Clenching my fists, I go for the translucent glass door.

My fingers centimetres from the handle when the door swings open and I jump backwards, tripping on my heels and landing on my butt. Cursing my two left feet, I hear a loud disapproving “tsk“ behind me and I am pulled onto my feet.

"Be careful," a mean criticising familiar deep voice hisses, as the owner sets me on my feet. "Clutz."

Blushing a deep red, sighing heavily I turn to my saviour and mutter a quick thank you before rushing back to my office. Fumbling through the papers that have piled up during my brief stay in the hospital, I nearly moan out loud when one of the other editors adds more papers to the pile.

"Hey," the same mean and criticising voice growls, a large long fingered hand slamming on the stack of papers in front of me. "Weren“t you going to hand in your letter of resignation today?"

Sighing once more, I look up to the deep cold brown eyes and shake my head, "You wanted me to hand it in. I don“t want to quit my job. I can take care of Danny and work at the same time, Mr Holt."

"I can provide for both of you," He starts, his face inches from mine. "You don“t need to work."

Looking away from his intense gaze, I look down to the desk and begin to sort through the tings I missed.

Stupid, I know. I“m marrying the richest bachelor in the United States and I want to work when he can easily provide me with everything I can wildly dream of. The ting is, I“m not marrying him for love, I“m marrying him for the sake of his baby, Danny, and once he“s is old enough I“m ca

SIDE WITHOUT AN ADULT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!" I screech at him, holding Danny closer to my chest. "WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING?!"

"Um...Miss Summers?" One of the newer assistant editors chips in, pointing at Danny. "The baby...his shirt..."

Looking down I see that Danny is in a blue onesie with the words “Mummy will you marry Daddy“ written on the front, glancing behind I reads “Please say yes...for my sake?“

"Is this some kind of joke?" I ask looking to Mr Holt who has gone down on one knee in front of me, Danny passes me a drool covered black box with the words “Cartier“ written in cursive on the top with a big toothless smile.

"Jane, we may not have known each other for long," He starts, his voice full of emotion but his eyes as emotionless as ever. "I am a terrible father, and I only realised how much I needed you in my life when you fell unconscious and I had no idea how to take care of Danny."

"Danny needs you," He continues with a short pause as if he“s hesitating to say something else. "I need you. Will you marry me?"

Rolling my eyes, I already know what“s my answer to this and I am about to say yes when...


I freeze. I turn to the elevator and there stand my eleven older brothers.

Crabs just hit the roof!

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