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   Chapter 7

In His Arms By gottabeme123 Characters: 3342

Updated: 2017-12-05 12:05

"What the hell did you say to her?!"

"... ..."

"I wanted her to think it over! I don“t need your ass to screw her up!"

My body“s reaction is instant to these words as everything that has happened comes flooding back to me in a rush, like a gigantic wave consuming me, a warmness spreads through my numb body and I sit up, my eyes wide and open, my chest burning.

"Jane!" breathing...I can“t breathe..."Jane! Relax! Calm down!"

My eyes wildly search for the source of the voice, my vision cloudy nothing is clear.

"Mr Holt, we need you to step out for a bit," another voice speaks out and I feel my heart racing in my chest. "We need to sedate Mrs Holt."

"No!" the other voice roars, angry. "She just woke up! Leave her be!"

A sharp pain pricks my hand and everything around me ceases, the sounds quieten and I fall back into a dark abyss.

------“s warm...



"Wake up..."

Water...I“m in water...I“m floating...

"Come on..."


you packed those things I thought he could eat them."

At this point I want to smack myself for passing out, Danny is so going to have a really upset stomach for a while. Sighing heavily, I make him go outside and request a tub of warm water for the baby and a wash cloth.

Once he“s gone, I murmur to Danny, "Hey, Dan Dan. I“m going to be your mummy. I“ve thought about it and I think its the best not for your terrible father but for you."

"Wuvvvv...vvvvuuu..." He smiles, making grabby hands at me. "Mmmmmm...vvvvuuu!"

"Close enough," I smile. I“ll tell him when he comes back. Probably or Maybe I should torture him for a while...

I“ll do the later...

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