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   Chapter 5

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I crumple to the floor at his words, tears streaming down my cheeks, my arms holding Danny to my chest. My chest heaves as every labouring breath I draw into my lungs cause my heart to constrict. How could he!

"You alright there, Summers?" He asks, mocking me like he scaring me half to death is just so funny. I can tell he“s smirking as he strides away from my crouched form.

"You think this is funny?" I growl, a red hotness running through my veins, my heart is pounding a mile a second, I have never felt this way before. "Scaring me into thinking you were going to hit Danny?"

I rise from the floor, the veins in my eyes showing,"Do you know the feeling?" I cross over to him, painstakingly slowly, allowing fear to take its time. "Of what it“s like to feel helpless?"

Reaching him, I gently lay the sleeping baby on the black leather L-shaped couch, not the wisest of choices but I“m too boiling to care, I place my palms on his hard well-toned chest. "Do you know what it feels like to be abused?"

I grasp the front of his shirt in my fists. Lifting my chocolate brown eyes to his grey ones, "Unless you know how it feels, don“t you dare do that again."

Releasing him, I take a few calming breaths and pick Danny up, turning to Mr Holt, I give him a long hard glare which he returns, both parties staring the other down, seeing who would break under the tension first.

"Mr Holt," the driver interrupts, causing us to snap our eyes to him. "Where do you want Miss Summer“s things to be?"

His lips are set into a grim line when the question is asked, "My room, Ford. Please place her things in my bedroom."

Looking at him in horror, my eyes are the size of marbles, he wants me to what?! "What are you playing at here, Mr Holt?"

Clearly, my anger hasn“t fully dissolved yet but I“m getting there...

"You heard me," Mr Holt scowls at me, clearly showing displeasure at this idea as well. "The only other room I have space in for you is mine."

"I can sleep in the nursery," I offer, hoping to all the gods up there that he has a nursery.

"Don“t have one," He counters, his eyes as cold as ice. My heart sinks to my butt. "Danny sleeps in a fold away cot in my room."

I grit my teeth, the wheels in my brain turning to figure out a way to get out of this. "Mr Holt, I can sleep in the living room on the couch since Danny“s cot is a fold away one, we can move it out here."

Mr Holt is silent. See I found a solution that“d accommodate us both Ha!

"Very well," he decides to let the matter rest. "If that“s what you want."

Mr Ford sets my boxes in a storage cupboard in the living room, Mr Holt gives me a map and a brief tour of his “apartment“, more like a palace in the sky if you ask me. The place is huge with fourteen rooms which is two floors of the building.

With a library, a personal cinema-television, and according to him six of the fourteen rooms are for Mr Ford the security adv

isor, bodyguard, driver and manservant, the housekeeper Mrs Denise, and four other rooms for some of Ford“s men who work for him.

Other rooms include Mr Holt“s bedroom, two “forbidden“ rooms with locked doors, a changing room next to his, a study room and a laundry room.

"Mr Holt," I ask once we near the end of the tour. "What“s in the two locked rooms?"

He doesn“t answer. Okay...probably a touchy subject...

Leading me through a dark wood door with a silver handle, inside the room is an office. A sleek wooden desk by the wall with a computer chair tucked neatly behind it, a few pens and papers are on the desk, a silver lamp and cabinets behind and opposite the desk.

"Sit," He says gesturing to the cloth chair for visitors, his voice going back to his usual emotionless tone.

Once seated he passes me a document, a non-disclosure agreement, I roll my eyes. Even if I didn“t sign this I wouldn“t want to tell anyone I“m living with this bipolar monster. Signing without batting an eye, I hand him the original and keep the copy.

"Lucifer mentioned you could help me with this area," he states, going all business like. "I am due to a family function soon and to my family, I am remarried."

Passing me another paper, I look down at the title. Marriage Licence.

"I have Lucifer and Ford“s signatures as witnesses to the so-called marriage, all that“s left is your“s."

The pen in my hand turns to lead as he says this. Mr King suggested I can help here? Is he crazy? "Mr Holt...I..."think" I...have a boyfriend," I lie.

"No, you don“t," He says sighing warily. "Lucifer cleared that with me before I intentionally bumped into you at that coffee house."

"Intentionally?" I“m confused. He did that on purpose?!

"We“ve been planning this for some time," he explains, his eyes emotionless at how much this affects me. I“m caught. He wants me, the girl he met just only two days ago, to marry him.

"It“s a fake certificate," he adds as an afterthought. "We hate each other. You can“t stand me for who I am and I can“t stand you being so weak and vulnerable."

"We just have to act in front of my family that we“re married other than that we needn“t be closer other than when we take care of Danny."

I can“t even consider this for a second! A fake marriage to keep up false pretences! What was it we were taught in grade school? Honesty is the best policy? What idiot told his family he was married-oh, wait...

In my mind“s eye, I see the sheepishly smiling face of my boss and I want to scream. He set us up! Both of us! Arghhhhh..... Rubbing my temples, I think about this for a while before deciding I need more time...not only to consider this offer but to murder my boss.

"Give me till tomorrow," I announce, not realising I had been staring at the marriage licence for a while now. "I have a boss to murder."

For the first time since I“ve met him. Mr Alexander Holt gives a genuine smile.

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