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   Chapter 4

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"That arrogant pig is no relative of mine!" Olivia exclaims when I confront her. "I hate him! He totally cut himself off from the family during his divorce my family had to learn about it in the papers!"

"Everyone heard neither head nor tail of him since every paper in the united states made his personal life public property and suddenly I find the git sleeping on the couch of my best friend“s apartment and I do the first thing that comes to mind. I smack him with the nearest thing I could find!"

Thinking about it, I don“t recall reading any articles about him...strange. Holding up a black, mid thigh cocktail dress that I never wore, I turn to Danny who is sitting on a high chair in my bedroom watching me as I pack.

"Keep or leave, Danny?" I smile, holding up the dress. Danny gurgles and claps his hands, drooling all over himself. Keep then...

"Shouldn“t you be asking me that?" Olivia pouts as I fold the dress into a cardboard box. "I am your best friend, right?"

I smile softly and hold up a too short for any occasion skirt and ask, "Keep or leave?"

"Keep," she decides after a moment. "If you“re going to take care of my idiot cousin...make him drool."

I blush, imaging myself parading around Mr Holt“s apartment in this skirt, the image is too horrifying for me to even think about it. Holding the skirt to my hips, I look to Danny. He pulls a face and the air is suddenly contaminated.

"WOAH!" Olivia shouts as she takes in a deep whiff of the contaminated air, running to open the door and window. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU FEED THE BABY?!"

Laughing at her overreaction, I set down the skirt and pick him up, checking for a number two...finding none, I tickle his sides making him giggle. "Bad Danny. That was some bomb you dropped."

He giggles even harder, lifting his shirt, I do a belly fart on him and he releases another bomb. Oh god, he“s gassy today...

"Jeez, Jane," Olivia groans, burying her face into one of my sweaters. "Put a plug in it."

Danny giggles, innocently as we scamper to find air fresheners.


"Done!" Olivia exclaims as she seals the last box of books. "I have no idea why you keep all these."

I shrug, cradling Danny as I feed him his last bottle of milk," Keepsakes?"

The doorbell rings and standing on the threshold is a freakishly tall, muscular man with midnight black hair, a black suit and leather gloves. He looks like a serial killer... "Miss Summers?"

"That“s me," I mumble, avoiding eye contact. "Can I help you?"

"I“m here for your belongings," he answers, coming into the apartment and taking the three boxes I“ve packed in one swoop. "If you“d follow me, and bring Danny along."

Hugging Olivia goodbye, I rest Danny“s head on my shoulder and follow the man out to the open air car park downstairs where a sleek, black Audi Q8.“s just a car...a freaking expensive one!

"Miss Summers," the man opens the door for me. Struggling slightly, I somehow manage to climb onto the seat with Danny still asleep and drooling on my shoulder.

The drive is silent...okay, it“s like a funeral...I don“t know what to say or talk about to the guy...think...

"Um...thanks for picking me up and helping with the boxes."


I gulp and look out the window, passing by my office building, I watch as we turn at the corner of 4th and Virginia, turning into the private car park of The Scala, the anchor of Downtown Seattle“s retail core, a 31-story building, one of Seattle“s most exclusive addresses.

My jaw drops as the man parks on the fifth floor where a whole fleet of Audis is parked side by side all either in black white or grey. I turn pale as I think of the fortune it must have cost to buy these many foreign cars.

Silly, it can“t be owned by only one has to be multiple peoples“ cars...right?

"Press for the thirty-first level," the man says when the elevator arrives. "Mr Holt is waiting for you upstairs."

I gulp at his emotionless tone. He sounds so uncaring and“s scary. Pressing for the thirty-first floor, the elevator whisks Danny and me at terminal velocity to the top most floor when the doors open, I find myself on a foyer, with a single vase with a red rose in it.

Walking down the foyer, I come to a living room where I see Mr Holt dressed in a pair of black jeans and a tight fit black t-shirt that stretches over his muscular chest, showing off his well-carved chest, reading some work documents.

I stand there awkwardly, looking at him, Danny still sleeping on my shoulder. I have no idea what to do...

"You“re late," He says emotionlessly, putting down the papers. "Tell me what“s the time."

I glance over at my watch, "Um...Five minutes after five?"

"How many minutes were you late?"

"Five minutes?" I say it more like a question rather than a statement, not knowing where he“s going with this. "Mr there a problem?"

He stands so suddenly and swiftly, I jump at the shock of it. Slowly stalking his way to me, I watch with wide eye as with every step he takes towards me, I take a few steps back.

Holding Danny tightly to my chest, I rear backwards watching the cold grey eyes that are a void of any emotion.

My back hits a wall, and I begin to panic, I need to protect Danny! Turning my back to him, I shield Danny with my body as he“s reaching us, not knowing what“s his next move, I brace for a hit.

I let out a squeak when his palm slams near my face.

His body is so close to me I can practically feel the heat radiating off of him, I squeeze my eyes as tight as they can causing tears leak out. What“s going on?

My breathing is uneven, my heart racing a mile a second, my body shuddering as his breath brushes my neck. What is wrong with him?! He wasn“t like this, this morning!

I feel him move so that his mouth is near my ear, his warm minty breath brushing the shell of my ear, my shoulders tense and I bury my face into Danny“s small shoulder. A memory from my childhood surfaces.

“Daddy...please...don“t hurt me...please...“

Mr Holt“s hot breath moves back to my ear, I twitch when his lips brush against my ear. me...

He whispers mockingly, "Did I scare you?"

This chapter is dedicated to @lilycarol for the nice comment she left on the last chapter. Thanks.

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