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A guy suddenly showed up after one of my missions. I was done killing this certain person and unexpectedly, he came right after.

"Why aren't you talking?"

I was planning on ignoring him but I still need to absorb the blood essence of the person I just killed. And, he can't see it. I need to move the body somewhere else.

"Can we be friends? Or accomplices if you're not that friendly? What do you say?"

Apparently, he was also an assassin. I can smell it. He also reeks of blood.

"Okay, accomplices it is!"

I was figuring out how to move the body somewhere else so that he won't be able to disturb me.

"Oh! You want to be friends?"

But, because he was too noisy, I can't concentrate.

"I'm glad you said yes beca---"

"I didn't."

"Hahaha! You finally talked! I thought Blood Snow is mute but then again, you aren't."

I glared at him. It is my signal that we just separate ways from now on.

"I'm kidding, alright?"

Finally, I can use my abilities. I concentrated the blood essence from the person I killed and placed it in an ice bottle that I've made.

"That is really something. Wow."

I was preparing to leave.

"Wait, wait! I'm Thousand Face! If you need anything just call me!"

That was the first time we met. He was a new assassin making a name for himself while I was someone who inherited my name and status.

I tho

n my knees and I started recalling everything. I cried my heart out that night. I cried in front of him. It was the first time I cried after the trial.

And, he was just there; hugging and comforting me; saying everything will be alright.

I never felt warmth before.

It was the first time and I liked it; more than the cold.


A/N: Halluuuu! I am still alive. Thank you very much for waiting! You guys don't know how much it means to me that there are those who read this story and wants more. I'm deeply grateful for all of you. *sends virtual hug to everyone*

Though Ceres didn't appear in these chapters, please wait for her. Everything is related. Please keep on supporting this story.

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PS. I'm doing Ceres and BTE book 2 so really, the updates are soooooo late. But, thank you guys for waiting!!

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