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   Chapter 121 NO.121

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"Congratulations. From now on, you are Blood Snow."

I came out of the snowy forest; with a dagger on one hand and a sword on the other. Blood was all over my body. I couldn't even smell anything aside from blood. And, everything was bloody red.

I collapsed right after I saw the figures of granny and the other women in the clan. I didn't know what happened next; if I was still alive or I also died like my sisters.

When I woke up, I had bandages all over my body. Fortunately, my eyes were alright or else, it would also be bandaged at that moment.

I roam my eyes around the room. It was the same room I stayed at before the trial was held. It was the room that we stayed at. As I recall everything, I looked at my hands. They were clean. But, before, they were full of blood. I didn't know whose blood, mine or my sisters. I stared at my hands day and night after the trial. No one came to see me; not even granny. I didn't think anything was wrong. I couldn't utter any strength and couldn't get out of bed. No matter what I do, I couldn't utter any word and no one would come to my aid. It almost drove me crazy. Until one day, I gave up. I can't remember when or how but there just came a day where, I gave everything up. I couldn't erase the past moreso change it. I felt like I just accepted everything and stared blankly ahead. If I die at that moment, would my sisters forgive me? Would we still be sisters? Would I still have the right to call them 'sisters'?

"Blood Snow."

Someone spoke those words. I didn't know wha

what if we ju---"

"Are you getting tired of killing?"

"No. I just thought that maybe we---"

"Our ancestors have already tried. We also have tried before. We cannot move out. Our bodies, through time, have been used to this place and living outside would only make us weak. We won't live past a month outside. You know that. There is something within these barriers that wouldn't let us leave. That is why you must do your job as Blood Snow and protect your clan. Understood?"

"Yes, granny."

I saw children and women being captured and trained in these snowy regions. We are all not blood related but because of the circumstances, we must become united... Until the day that another Blood Snow must be chosen.

I thought that I can fulfill the responsibility of a Blood Snow until the day that this world would get me.

I had prepared myself for that day.

I always have but, I was wrong.

Because as much as I've prepared, some things will still be out of your hand.

"Hey! Aren't you that Blood Snow?"

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