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   Chapter 120 NO.120

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"As long as I don't pass this ability to anyone, I am still the head of this clan. I am still the Blood Snow."

Blood Snow was clearly fighting for her and her child's life. She was obviously weaker than when she was in the competitions.

The group of women pointed their swords at Blood Snow; indicating for her to shut up.

The woman in her 50s, narrowed her eyes and gave Blood Snow a smile that seems to mock her.

"You no longer have the right to be the Blood Snow."

"I have no right? Or, you don't have any use for me? Tell me which one is it, granny?"

Blood Snow kept on showing her strong side even though, she was hurting inside. All the fighting that happened a while ago that led to her capture drained her energy and for some reasons, she couldn't regain her spiritual essences.

"You clearly know of your responsibility; the responsibility that comes with your title. Yet, you would choose for everyone to die? We've waited long enough. Do you think that all of us here are idiots? That child you're carrying..."

What the granny said came as a shock to Blood Snow. She looked everyone else and finally, at granny. She couldn't help but suppress her feelings right now while biting her lip and tightly closing her eyes.

"Kill it and, pass the title to someone else. Don't make your life more miserable than it is right now."


ust being assassins from the same clan.

Just when someone was about to slash her with their sword, she gathered her magic and used it to get away from that place.

She was coughing out blood but she was able to make it out alive from the clan's land. Currently, she was walking amidst the snow storm; trying to open her eyes and see where she was heading to.

Because of the huge amount of blood she lost and because she was carrying a child, she was getting weaker and weaker. This resulted to her collapsing on the snow-covered ground.

"I'm... Sorry... Child. I... Wasted everyone's life... And... Even yours. If there is... A life... After this, I... Wish to... Live... It with... You... And... Your father."

When Blood Snow fainted, because of the snow storm, her body was quicklybeing covered by snow. At the moment that only her hand can be seen, someoneactually pulled her from the snow.

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