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   Chapter 119 NO.119

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In the northernmost region of Winsterein kingdom is the coldest and harshest place in it. People call it, "The Eternal Snow Region". There are basically no human habitants in the said region because no one can actually survive the cold and unpredictable snowstorm coupled with strong ferocious beasts lurking inside it. Even though it is a dangerous place, some adventurers still love exploring this region. There are still many hidden mysteries in it as well as priceless artifacts, herbs, and other treasures. Though it is dangerous, there are those who would still accept the challenge just to have money, look for an adventure, or make a name for themselves. As such, there are small towns and shops built just outside the border of the region. Those were built to accommodate the ones who wish to try their luck at the snowy region or just live quietly outside the kingdom's relentless persecution.

Ceres and Gil stepped into one of these towns and are currently filling their stomachs in a certain tavern.

"Another group got it."

"What do you mean?"

"The amount of people being slain these days has increased."

"Maybe, a lot of the adventurers went inside this time?"

"No. It's different. Even for those staying in towns, there are news of people disappearing."

"Well, it's that time of th

kept on monitoring everything.


"Blood Snow. That title, shouldn't belong to you anymore."

A group of women dressed in sky blue body fit leather were surrounding Blood Snow, the one whom Ceres saved in the competitions.

Blood Snow was kneeling on the ice-cold floor. Her hands were tied behind her back and blood was dripping out of her mouth. She was always calm and composed but at that moment, she was glaring at everybody; cursing them in her heart.

"The rites should begin or everyone will die. Choose. Your life or all of us will die here and now?"

A woman dressed in sky blue long gown was walking towards the group ofwomen surrounding Blood Snow. This woman was in her 50s. Her age is apparentwith her looks but even though she was smiling and looked to be a nice lady, her eyes are betraying that smile. Those eyes clearly contain ruthlessness.

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