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   Chapter 118 NO.118

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"I will teach you the art of killing."

The man smiled but he was emitting a cold aura which brought chills to the cold-hearted Ceres.

Ceres furrowed her brows.

"You have already taught me---"

"Yes, I have. But, you clearly didn't understand."

The man suddenly snapped his fingers and Ceres felt something hit her. Then, she suddenly knelt on the ground while blood spurted out of her mouth.


"My new invention. The newest and deadliest poison right now."

Ceres' vision started to blur. She should have been dead because it was really the most potent poison ever made at that time yet, she was able to hold on to her consciousness. She tried to speak; questioning this act by the person she was most loyal to.


But before she could finish her sentence, she felt something heavy in her chest. The poison apparently acted on her heart. But, it wasn't the pain from the poison that's really hurting her.

"My child... I have loved you as my own. I am only teaching you the art of killing. Successfully molding you and imparting to you everything I know and in the end, it was all just for this moment."

The man looked disappointed but Ceres didn't see it clearly as her mind was clouded already with questions and her breathing slowing down.

Ceres couldn't take it. The poison was acting fast on her body. She suddenly lost the strength in her knees and then, fell on the ground. She was lying while clutching the clothes in front of her chest.

When she tried to look ahead, she saw a blurred pair of feet. Her eyes are starting to betray her and she can't seem to keep her con

f your master left you, what will you do, Gil?"

Gil immediately answered.

"I would look for him. I will do everything to come back to his side. Even if he's not in this world, I would still do everything to find him."

"What if he kills you?"

"Accept it. And in my next life, if there will be another one, I would still search for him and follow him."

"You're good, Gil. But, the world isn't as good as you."

"I don't care, princess. It's not the world who saved me. It was master anyway. I swore to serve him all my life."

Gil was puzzled by Ceres' series of questions.

"What happened, princess?"

Ceres looked ahead once more.

"A distant past that suddenly flashed."

And then, she ordered her horse to gallop. She was getting farther and farther away from Gil.

"Someone betrayed the princess? I guess master already obliterated that person."

Gil then, followed Ceres and now, they're truly heading towards thenorthernmost place of Winsterein kingdom; to pay the Haletin clan a visit.


A/N: Hello! I am still alive. Thank you for waiting. :')

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