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   Chapter 117 NO.117

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Updated: 2018-04-29 08:45

Poisoned Ghost Body couldn't take the silence anymore as he was afraid Ceres would do something to his precious 'child'.

"Please don't touch her. Just leave her alone. I'd do anything you want. I could even teach you all of my poisons and skills. Just leave my 'child' alone."

Ceres, after hearing what he said, raised both her eyebrows.

What could this flower be that Poisoned Ghost Body would even willingly lower himself just to protect it?

"Spill it and she might even spare your life."

Of course, Gil was only threatening him and Ceres wouldn't really kill Poisoned Ghost Body just because of what happened between them before. That incident only brought Ceres a lot of good things such as meeting the Fay kingdom's royal siblings and getting acquainted with them, meeting two more assassins along the way, and now, getting her hand on these precious stuff for concocting both medicine and poisons. What a bringer of good luck this child is!

Also, she would even gladly set him free and let him gather more herbs and materials for concocting poisons. Then, she would just once again visit him and take whatever she wants. That's her real plan anyway. But no one knew what she was thinking; even Gil was left in the dark about this plan of hers. Gil was only praying that they would soon get out of this place and move on peacefully to their next destination... Without him being a guinea pig once more.

Poisoned Ghost Body knew that these people can kill him if they wanted to. It's just that, he couldn't give up on this 'child' of his. It was the most precious thing in his lair anyway.

Because that thing... Is not really just a rare flower.

It really was his child; his sole child at that.

Poisoned Ghost Body bit his lip as he bitterly recalled his past.


ng black hair was swaying along with the cold night wind as he seems to ignore everything around him. Suddenly, he turned his face around to face Ceres. Ceres couldn't clearly see his face because of the night's darkness.

'My child...' -tbc

A/N: I've been out of town once again and when I came back, work just piled up. :/ Then, unfortunately, my health condition somehow went down the wrong waaaaaay that I ended up with just small frequent eating these past months/weeks. I'm a foodie and this is just tortureeeeeee! Yet, I'm still alive and kicking so that's something to be thankful for!

Anyway, thank you very much for patiently waiting for these updates. I know some of these are cliffhangers and may look like they're nothing special but please wait patiently for the revelations and answers on whatever questions you have. Ceres is a slow-paced story and updates are also slow. I apologize for that but somehow, I cannot do something about the updates nowadays. Huhuhuhu. But, I will try my best to update as soon as possible.

But what I really want to say is that... Thank you very much for reading Ceres! Thank you also for the votes, comments, and messages! Thank you all!!

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