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Poisoned Ghost Body was brewing some poisons in a huge furnace while silently cursing at Ceres and Gil in his heart. He was currently hiding in his ultimate secret lair hoping that Ceres and Gil would meet their end soon before they could find him.

Even though brewing poison needed one's full concentration, he was so good at it that he can successfully do it even while his mind was focused on something else.

"F*cking stupid... Piece of sh*t... No, they're all retards and---"

"Who are you cursing at?"

Suddenly a voice sounded behind him which brought chills down his spine. He doesn't even have any courage to turn around and see if his guess was right about the person who just spoke.


Not far from Poisoned Ghost Body was Ceres sitting in one of his chairs with her arms across her chest. There was even a hot tea on the table beside her. This could only mean that she was already there for some time.

Gil, on the other hand, was standing behind her; silently praying that there will be no new poisons to learn for her in this place.

"You have a guest and you don't even want to welcome us?"

Poisoned Ghost Body couldn't take it anymore and he turned around, jumped from his small stool, and glared at Ceres. But, Ceres can see that even though he was glaring at her, he was also showing signs of fear in those eyes.

Ceres carried on her a face a slight smile as she was amused to see both of Poisoned Ghost Body's reaction and his that looks like that of a young child.

Even though Ceres'

rent from this flower. She was only testing if Gil's hypothesis was the same as hers.

She knew that this flower shouldn't even be emitting any kind of smell at all. Moreover, when she drew closer to it, she could vaguely see an aura coming out of it. It was an aura made of little white dots seemingly floating slowly from the small window.

The light was clearly from the full moon outside but, the light wasn't just the moonlight. It carried with it some white speckles of light which is somehow being absorbed by the White Moonlight flower in front of her.

It seems like this flower absorbs the essences which were coming from the moon itself. It's the first time I've seen this type of incident. But, why does it feel like there is something more about this occurrence?

Ceres just stood there silently looking at the flower.

PoisonedGhost Body was tied up there silently secreting cold beads of sweat. His heart wasbeating faster and faster; nervous at what Ceres might do to his precious 'child'. -tbc

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