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   Chapter 115 NO.115

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"The Sea God had another message...?"

Rue who was silently praying in the most sacred place of the Sea God temple, suddenly opened her eyes.

"The gods have awakened. This world will soon fall into chaos."

When she turned around to see the women behind her, she was surprised to see all of them lying unconscious on the floor.

Rue immediately went near the woman she was closest with. But before she could even get close, she suddenly felt her body become weak and then, she coughed up blood. She was also starting to lose consciousness.

"The Sea God's power... It's... Getting... Weaker...?"

She continuously coughed blood and fell down the floor. She kept on clenching her fists, trying to fight the weakness she was feeling.

"This... Can't... Be..."

Before she lost consciousness, she saw people running towards them.


While traveling towards the poison master's lair, Ceres who was riding her own horse suddenly stopped and looked up at the sky.

Something's not right.

Gil who was followin

ond that world and still, we're being affected! You must tell me, what happened or else, I won't let you leave!"

The space mage was angry but Old Na only coldly glared at her.


"Big brother..."

Paulin suddenly fell on her bed and was having difficulty breathing.

Even though she wanted to see Roven or ask for help, she couldn't. She felt weak and she was slowly losing consciousness.

On the other hand, Roven was also affected by the disturbance. Although it was minimal, he still fell on his knees which caused the surrounding priests and nuns to panic.

Suddenly, he remembered the words of the goddess. He definitely needs to leave as soon aspossible. -tbc

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