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   Chapter 114 NO.114

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"We will travel north. After we finish helping that clan of killers, we will look for teacher. I hope he already found the space mage."

Gil was thankful that Ceres forgot about Poisoned Ghost Body's headquarters. He wouldn't be able to keep it a secret to his master of Ceres went inside another man's home.

"Hmmm... I think I forgot about something."

"I think we will be alright. We already have enough for the travel."

Gil was sweating profusely. He was hoping Ceres wouldn't remember that poison master. This was not because of his master but also because he knew that if Ceres found something new (in this case: a poison), she would definitely try it out on him.

Ceres then, stood up and was about to ride her horse when she suddenly spoke.

"No. We will go somewhere before heading to the north."

Gil can only sigh helplessly. This travel will definitely be long and tiring.


A man with half-tied long silver hair wearing black clothes embroidered with unknown burning red flowers was walking on a stony path. Around him were countless w

on her sword's sheath. She knew that she had her sword back and it was different from before. It even seemed more powerful than the broken one just now.

The man narrowed his eyes before he continued walking. He passed through the goddess like she was only an apparition.

"I don't care about this world of yours but you should know that your sole mission right now is to protect her. The consequences... You know of them."

The goddess couldn't help but stand up straight and turn around to face the man's back while it was slowly fading away from her view.

"Noworld can contain the both of you. It's either she lives or you leave. Why isit so difficult for you to understand that simple thing?" -tbc

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