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"Have you eaten your breakfast?"

Roven smiled as he went near Paulin who was sitting quietly on a bench. Paulin was about to smile and hug her brother when she suddenly felt something different from him.

"Big brother... You..."

Roven tilted his head and seemingly confused at what Paulin was saying.

"What's the matter?"

Roven patted Paulin head and gently caressed her hair while smiling so innocently at her.

Paulin shoved Roven's hand and started walking away.

"It's nothing. I already ate and I'm feeling tired so I will go back to my room, okay?"

Roven was confused by Paulin's actions. He thought that somehow she was different and was acting like someone not of her age. Even though he wanted to chase after his little sister, he just brushed off the idea as he needed to leave for the main church as soon as possible. He wanted to get answers about the goddess' appearing in his prayers.

On the other hand, Paulin went back to her room without any hindrances. No one was willing to get close to her as she was not really a person of the church. She was free to do whatever she liked except for roaming on restricted areas. Thus, no one bothered when they saw her returning to her room.

Right after she returned to her room, she sat on her bed and tightly clenched her fists.

"It didn't work."

She gritted her teeth and furrowed her brows.

"That stupid goddess... Did she final show herself to him? That can't be! I've always made sure that nothing goes wrong! Is it... Did it happen when he watched that competition?"

Paulin suddenly got hold of a pillow on the bed and threw it on the floor.

"That stupid f*cking goddess! She shouldn't be meddling with my affairs!"



"Finally! Headmaster is here!"

"He even brought all the highest ranking professors!"

"Thank goodness, we will be alright!"

The people guarding the ancient array finally felt relief. They were all thanking the headmaster and professors who came to check on the ancient array. Those who were wounded from the repulsion were immediately brought to the designated areas for healing. Although it was not

clearly seen due to the wrinkles and the long white eyebrows he has.

The headmaster was the only one who spoke.

"There is nothing to apologize for, professor Mothy. We are actually in need of your knowledge."

Professor Mothy walked slowly towards the headmaster before he began speaking. Actually, he deeply sighed; seemingly recalling some distant past.

"The only one in this kingdom that can help us would be someone who inherited the empress' abilities. Of course, it's her children but knowing that not one of them exhibited the necessary abilities, the only hope lies in the next generation."

The headmaster raised his brows as he thought that professor Mothy would give them concrete answers and help them solve the problem at hand. But, contrary to his expectations, the said professor only stated a solution that is for the far future.

Before the headmaster could speak once more, professor Mothy, surprisingly, has more to say.

"Thus, the only solution right now is to ask for help from those outsiders. If we can contact those people from before then, we can definitely safeguard this school once more."

"Those people?"

Everyone had dumbfounded look on their faces, even the headmaster was confused as to what professor Mothy was talking about.

"Thosepeople who were able to gain access in this ancient array despite beingoutsiders. Those are the people whom we can ask for assistance." -tbc

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