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In a faraway plane of existence, there was a princess who lived in a cold, dark palace and was isolated from the people in the kingdom.

The princess was friendly but she possesses powers beyond anyone's imaginations. Thus, everyone became scared of her and eventually drew away from her. This only resulted to the princess becoming naughty and mischievous. Thus, she played tricks on people and caused trouble anywhere she goes. Until one day, when a knight came by and offered something that no one has offered to her before.

The knight saw how playful and impish the princess was but despite that, he only shook his head and heaved a sigh. He punished everyone who treated the princess badly even those that spread bad rumors about her weren't sparred. Then, he confronted the princess who in turn, became wary of him and started running away from him.

When the princess had nowhere else to go, the knight finally caught up with her.

"Would you like to play with me?"

The knight offered his hand with a kind smile on his face which made everything surrounding the princess be filled with light and life.

That beautiful scene was reflected in the princess' eyes and she wasn't able to respond immediately.

The knight pulled the princess closer to him and whispered the words, "I'll take you away from this world. So, won't you come with me instead?"

The princess was so surprised that she wasn't able to say something but instead, slowly nodded her head and closed her eyes tightly.

And so, the knight wa---- they lived happily ever after.

"Hey, dad! That wasn't the end, right?"

"What happened next? Come on, dad! Is there a fight scene?!"

A man with silver hair tied in a ponytail was holding a story book while facing two little kids of opposite genders.

The man coughed as he closed the book and looked away from the kids who were staring intensely at him.

"What happened next is

to normal. He was even smiling while walking out of the kids' room and going towards the master's bedroom.

Gil heaved a sigh of relief but noticed that there was some blood on his neck. He immediately knelt on the floor.

The man with silver hair chuckled but his excited voice also reverberated in the whole mansion.

"I'm looking forward to my wife's punishment."


A/N: Hi everyone! This is an alternate universe and probably has nothing to do with the main story. I wrote this note on the file itself so that I won't forget what I need to say.

I apologize for not updating that long (once again) so I'm bringing this random alternate universe chapter. I wanted to update 'Ceres' but my motivation was shifted from 'Ceres' to 'BTE'. So, I ended up writing for 'BTE'. Of course, book 2 isn't going to be published anytime soon. There are a lot more chapters to go before it's done.

Also, workload has been piling up so I really can't update that much. But, I bought asmart phone already. I hope I can write updates when I'm traveling. You knowhow I always end up going to some place and not bringing any laptop or havingaccess to any computer at all. I hope the phone will help me this time. Anyway, thanks for reading this update! :) I hope you enjoyed it!

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