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Updated: 2018-03-11 21:39

The competitions on Winsterein kingdom went on. The top three spots were taken by two student of Heaven's Peak and one from Holy Cross Academy. It is said that only the top three spots can go and compete in the Great Magi Conference. I these spots, Lucas was not even mentioned.

Contrary to everyone's conclusion, Lucas went into training. Even before the competition ended, the headmaster hastily went back to Heaven's Peak along with Lucas. The headmaster knew that Lucas needed more guidance or else, his inner demons will consume him. Regarding his place in the competition and his chance to compete at the Great Magi Conference, the headmaster assured Lucas that if he overcame his inner demons, he would still be able to get a place at the conference. The reason is that they will file a request to have him enter if he succeeded. Lucas, on the other hand, didn't mind anything. He only wants to get stronger and find out the truth about Ceres.

Actually, the reason the headmaster had no choice but to aid Lucas is because Lucas was almost consumed by his inner demons. When only the headmaster promised Lucas that they will find out more about Ceres did his inner demons stopped and calmed down for a bit. As such, Lucas was now more relaxed and can start focusing on his training once more.

Glenn was still being kept as a prisoner and the trials still hasn't started even after the competitions. Well, something is really fishy about Dwight's decisions and the other things happening in the palace.

Nevertheless, Dwight knew that

! You are bullying meeee!! I hate you, old fart! I hate youuu!! You are so..."

The woman started crying and ranting and crying again. Old Na can't help but put some kind of earplugs in his ears. He looks like he's used to these kinds of things. Thus, he continued to quietly sip his tea.

I wonder how Ceres' is doing. I kind of miss those two brats. -tbc

A/N: Finally!! Done with today's update. :D My internet connection failed me a while ago that I thought I wouldn't be able to post five chapters. I almost gave up and just go to sleep but, I ought to finish updating!

Anyway, I know I've been gone for so long. It has been months, I believe? Putting aside a lot of things that happened, I'm thankful for everyone who patiently waited for the updates. Also, thank you to everyone who kept on reading 'Ceres' and those who just began reading this story. Thank you for the likes, votes, comments, and messages. Thank you so muuuuuuch!! I hope you enjoyed reading 'Ceres' and please look forward to the next update! :D

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