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   Chapter 110 NO.110

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Right after Gil appeared in the inn Ceres was currently staying, Ceres immediately ordered for them to leave as soon as possible.

They bought horses and other important stuff for their travel and made their way. Regarding their destination, Gil doesn't have any idea. He was blindly following Ceres. Of course, it was making him nervous. He knew about some things that Ceres doesn't.

When they were far from the city, in the middle of an unknown forest, Ceres stopped her horse and faced Gil.

"Spill it."

She was looking at Gil with narrowed eyes. She knew that Gil must have met with the mysterious man before he disappeared.

"Princess, what are you---"

"If you don't spill it, don't even think about following me."

"But, I don't re---"

Ceres was intensely staring at Gil right at this moment. She knew that if she didn't scare Gil, he wouldn't tell her anything.

Too bad, Gil is really loyal to the mysterious man.

Gil sighed and looked at Ceres worriedly. He knew that Ceres would be disappointed in him.

"Forgive me, princess. I follow master's orders before yours."

Gil could only slightly bow his head and tightly clenched the reins of his horse.

Ceres closed her eyes for a minute before turning back once again. At least, Gil was honest as he admitted that there were things that Ceres really did not know.

"Gil, I don't really trust people that easily. In this world, I always think that I don't have anyone I can rely on. I must... Depend on myself. But, having you around was something that I'm thankful for. I know that I

t. I don't want to hurt her again yet, I don't have a choice. So, I'm leaving her in your care. Protect her well. Protect her until I can finally stay by her side."

The mysterious man stole another kiss from Ceres.

"...Until we meet again, princess."

The mysterious man faced Gil and his temper was different than before. He was emitting an aura that was suffocating for Gil.

"You must very well know that my orders are absolute, right? Remember them well."

Finally, the mysterious man disappeared and Gil was left alone in the room.

Gil knew about what his master was talking about. And, because he has been with Ceres all this time, he also knew a little about Ceres' nature. He couldn't help but knit his brows.

Is it really that worth it to once again hurt her all because of your selfishness, master?

He can't help but look at the sleeping Ceres and clench his fist. He thought of a lot of things before he decided to also get out of the room. -tbc

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