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Ceres tried to calm herself down. She tried to process everything she gained.

Why did that goddess appeared in my dream? Why now of all the time? What does she mean when this world's fate lies with me? I don't intend to destroy this world...

Not unless, this has something to do with the heavenly laws?

If this world wants me dead, would I have to destroy it?

I am just a soul that transmigrated to Ceres' body. Why do I need to bare all of these?

Ceres couldn't help but furrow her brows. Then, she couldn't help but think of the mysterious man.

Who exactly are you?


Ceres contacted Gil and told him that they would need to leave immediately. Gil was, guarding the Fay kingdom's siblings and thus, he conveyed Ceres' message to them.

At first, Lennard and Leona wanted to see Ceres first before they leave. They told Gil that they at least have to properly bid their farewell to her. However, Gil was merely following Ceres' orders. He cannot do anything if Ceres doesn't want to see these Fay kingdom's siblings.

As such, the siblings could only give up. Lennard wanted to pass on a message to Ceres.

"Visit us in Fay kingdom when you have the time."

But, of course, he knew that Ceres would really visit them as they still have Thousand Face with them.

Gil bid farewell and disappeared in thin air.

"Those guys are really different. They're really out of this world, huh?"

Lennard was smiling whi

at the silhouette was telling him. He couldn't really understand. He was somehow losing his calm. It was the first time that the goddess was able to talk to him yet, he couldn't fully understand it. Also, he couldn't fully talk to the goddess.

When he was about to ask questions, the silhouette began to disappear and the words coming from it started lose more sense.

"The problem...solved...that...disguised child...look...find her..."

After those words, a blinding light engulfed everything and Roven was forced to shut his eyes.

When he opened them, he was back at the praying hall.


When hetried to digest everything and put everything together, nothing comes across inhis mind. He planned to tell it to the Holy Priest as soon as they get back to theirbranch church. -tbc

A/N: By the way, I edited all of the chapters but I only posted until chapter 66. ;A; I was running out of time. Even this update is making me nervous!!!

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