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   Chapter 108 NO.108

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Wake up...

Child, wake up...

Wake up...

My child...

Ceres opened her eyes to the sound of a soothing female voice telling someone to wake up. She found herself standing in the middle of the darkness; only that, she was able to see herself as if she was made of light and the darkness cannot engulf her.

All of a sudden, a figure appeared in front of her. It was only a humanoid figure but it was enough to deduce that it was a woman.


Ceres looked at the figure in front of her and for some unknown reasons, she felt like it was giving out a gentle and calming aura. It looks as if those who will see it will feel that their hearts and souls have reached tranquility. There was only peacefulness and nothing more. But to Ceres, she didn't like it at all.

"Fear me not, child. I mean no harm."

Ceres narrowed her eyes as she stared at the humanoid figure.

"I am..."

Just as the humanoid figure was telling Ceres who it was, it suddenly turned into a human. It became a beautiful woman with long brown hair equipped with an armor of the finest mythril and possessed a long sword that was hanging from her back.

"I believe that with this appearance, you now know who I am."

The woman smiled at Ceres. It was alluring but at the same time, it was soothing. Both her eyes and lips were smiling as if a gentle being descended upon the world.

Ceres still didn't speak but in her mind, she was familiar with that woman. She has seen her in the books as well as in the churches of the kingdom. It was the goddess that the Holy Cross Church was praying to. It was Amheleka.

"I will not make this long. I only have a limited time fo

showed any hint of emotion as if she was a living killing doll.

However, it all changed when she learned of happiness, of sadness, of tears, of joy, of kindness, of loneliness, and of warmth.

And just when she was still learning about it, she was killed by the very same person who taught her about those things.

Thus, she made a vow.

She would not exact vengeance but instead, correct her mistakes.

That life will only harm you once you learn how to open your heart.

How come that ever since she arrived in this world, she has been changing so much?

"That mysterious man is definitely stupid. I was not able to know about anything at all and he didn't even confirm it."

Ceres folded the paper and kept it in her pocket.

"He'sstupid as hell." -tbc

A/N: I'm currently eating instant noodles. I know I must watch out for my health but I really am hungry. My favorite instant noodles is the one flavored Creamy Seafood. I would love to try the Spicy Seafood one but, I think my tummy is not yet prepared for spicy things. Anyway, don't eat instant noodles. It's bad for the health!! D:

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