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   Chapter 107 NO.107

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Updated: 2018-03-11 19:43

A dream... Huh?

Ceres opened her eyes only to see a white ceiling. She felt that there was someone holding her hand and thus, she turned her head sideways.

Someone was beside her, holding and looking at her hand with such a painful expression. That person has a half-tied long silver hair that some of it was even scattered beautifully on her bed. That person was also wearing beautifully adorned black clothes which suited his hair color. That person was the very same person she first saw in this world. He was the mysterious man whose name she never knew.

For some reason, seeing a scene like that, Ceres felt something pricking inside her chest.

And right when I just woke up, huh?

Ceres started sitting up straight but she didn't take her hand away from the mysterious man.

The mysterious man suddenly turned his head to look at Ceres.

"Did I wake you up? I'm---"

"Why do you look familiar?"

Ceres with furrowed brows, all of a sudden, asked the mysterious man. Moreover, Ceres didn't end with just that question.

"Why did you help me? Why are you nice to me? What will you gain from all of these?"

She didn't let the mysterious man answer those questions but instead, only stopped at her final one.

"Who exactly are you?"

After a few seconds of

lightly laughed but that didn't contain any hint of happiness but instead, contempt... At his own self and his own thinking.

"To protect you, that is my only desire but, once again... Will I fail in this lifetime?

I only wanted you to live as I find ways to help you yet, your kindness is really both a gift and a disaster.

Even with only a moment of not looking at you, you would suddenly sacrifice yourself for someone."

The mysterious man ran down his finger from Ceres' cheek to her lips.

"Sleepfor now. When you wake up, I hope you can forgive me."-tbc

A/N: I'm baaaaaack. But not for long, I mean, I tried my best to come back as soon as possible but there really are things that made it difficult (see: health). I will pop out once in a while so don't be surprised and please be patient for the updates. ;A; Huhuhuhu Thanks a lot!!

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