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   Chapter 106

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A man was chained somewhere dark.

There were chains and talismans all over his body. His hands and feet were also tightly bounded by talismans and even sturdier black chains.

His head was hanging low and blood dripped from every part of his body. He was a bloody scene; something that no one would like to look at.

All of a sudden, someone“s footsteps could be heard. It seemed like someone was walking towards the man.

Along with those footsteps, life started to grow in this dark, humid, and dead place.

With every step that person made, grasses and flowers bloom. With every step that person made, the air feels less hard to breathe. With every step that person made, light started to show in this once dark place.

That person was a girl, dressed in pure white clothes. Her very appearance made it seem like there was nothing in this world that could taint her. The feeling she gives is that of pure and innocence; kindness and gentleness.

The man lifted his head with difficulty. He wanted to see who the person in front of him was.

As soon as he saw her, he couldn“t help but show a painful expression on his face; seemingly asking the person...

Why are you here?


A young boy fell off a cliff. He couldn“t remember when he even arrived in such a place. But, he clearly remembered that someone pushed him in this cliff; into his death.

The young boy was about to die. He was on the verge of losing his consciousness and leaving this world when all of a sudden, a young girl appeared in front of him. Her face was so close to him that he etched every details of it into his memories.

She was crying but at the same time, she was expressing her joy. Her eyes were full of tears yet, those very same eyes were like the half moon in a clear night sky. Why was she crying and smiling at the same

you that I am glad to have met you."

With a smile on her face, the girl disappeared in thin air.

"I am an overseer but I am still your friend."

The young girl blinked once and in her eyes which are devoid of emotions, something glinted for a second.

"In this path you shall take... May you find happiness."

A/N: Hi!! I hope you guys had a good time reading the past updates. You are probably thinking why this thing popped out of nowhere, right? I have a lot of things to tell that I don“t know where to start. Anyway...

First of all, I have decided to make this one an extra chapter long ago and would have released it sometime soon. But, I decided to post it today since *coughs* the next update may take longer than the previous ones. I just started at my new work and there are a lot of things going on so, I“m still adjusting my schedule and all. ;A; I“m so sorry!!!!

Second, if you can decipher anything about this chapter... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay. I won“t say anything more. :)

Last but not the least, thank you very much for reading “Ceres“!! I love you guys! :D Thank you for the reads, votes, comments, messages, and everything else. Please do look forward for the next update. Thank you!!

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