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   Chapter 105

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He didn“t know why but the moment he neared at Ceres“ courtyard, he felt another person“s presence. It was a familiar one. He hastily went inside Ceres“ room and saw a person standing in front of Ceres“ cabinet.

The person was clearly hiding his presence just like him and even disguised himself. But somehow, he felt familiar with this person. Right when he was about to ask the person who he was, he heard him say a few words. From that, he knew who that person is.

It was definitely Ceres.

He couldn“t help but blurt out her name.

When the person turned around, even if the face doesn“t resemble Ceres, his intuition, gut feeling, and deep familiarity with Ceres told him that she was definitely Ceres.

The night was silent but his heartbeat was clearly beating out loud at that moment.

Ceres is definitely standing in front of him. She was alive. She was safe. She“s here.

He was about to hug the person in front of him, thinking he will not definitely let go of her anymore when suddenly, that person disappeared.

A voice which is not familiar to him sounded near his ears.

"You“re mistaken."

Then, he was left in the room all by himself. He started walking towards the lawn to look at the night sky. Blinking twice, his mind was processing a lot of things and thousands of emotions rushed to his heart.


Ceres immediately decided to go and leave Lucas behind. He mustn“t know that Ceres is alive. Also, she felt that it was unnecessary for her to get closer to Lucas. It seems like she would only die if she tried to get closer to him particularly when her heart would burst any moment with just seeing him in person.

She stopped on top of a roof while still clutching her chest. She didn“t know why, even though she“s far from him, her heart was still beating loudly and fast.

Did she catch a disease?


"I“m Lucas."

A young boy extend

art suddenly calmed down. Whatever she felt back then, seemed like it didn“t happen at all. After a few seconds, she fell asleep.

The mysterious man felt that Ceres“ breathing and heart beat went back to normal. When he glanced at the young woman in his arms, he knew that Ceres was already sleeping. Only at that moment did he feel assured.

He didn“t want to bring back Ceres to the royal palace and instead, booked a room in a certain inn. He, of course, informed Gil through telepathy that Gil needs to cover for Ceres for a while. It seems like he hasn“t met Gil before encountering Ceres this time around.

"I“m sorry."

The mysterious man carefully placed Ceres on the bed. He gently wiped the beads of sweat on her forehead and even made sure she was not feeling hot but warm instead.

He sat beside her bed and slowly reached out for her hand.

"...I was late, once again."

The mysterious man couldn“t help but show a painful expression as he held her hand in his.-tbc

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