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   Chapter 104

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That voice brought Ceres back to reality. She quickly turned around and readied herself to go away. However, seeing the young man in front of her, made her forget about her plan in an instant.

Standing a few meters away behind her is the third prince of Winsterein kingdom, Lucas Winsterein. But beyond that title, Ceres knew him as her childhood friend; her sole friend.

It was this person who was willing to stay with her and accompany her in that stormy night.

It was this person who ignored his own standing and rushed to her side in order to keep her safe.

Yet, it was also this person who somehow brought the end of her life...

Ceres“ hand from her temple shifted to the middle of her chest. Her heart, then, started beating so fast and loud. Amidst the silent night, she could clearly hear her own heart beating.


A while ago, it hurts but it changed so fast that she could only quietly keep her confusion. She was tightly clutching her chest area because as of the moment, she doesn“t know why she feels different. It“s as if her heart would burst at any given moment.


She was arranging her thoughts when suddenly, she heard Lucas“ footsteps.

Lucas started to slowly walk towards her.

She looked at him and they were both staring at each other.

She didn“t know why but it looked as if time froze... And, even her body froze!


Ceres wanted to grit her teeth as she remembered that mysterious person when they first met. However, she couldn“t help but wonder why this time, it was different. Because she already knew the basics of magic, she can clearly feel any magic fluctuations in the air. Yet, there was none. And, it only looked as if she, herself, became stiff and couldn“t move.


All Ceres could think about right now was to get away. Because no matter how her heart and head ache, she could only think that this situation is extremely dangerous.


Lucas went out of Heaven“s Peak“s quarters. The headmaster and even his master were against it since they know that this time is very crucial for him. But, he told them that he needed to get rid of some demons on his own and on another place.

He wasn“t lying. While trying to concentrate in cultivating for the rest of the competitions, he encountered such demons. Even the headmaster told him about such things.

These are not literally demons but demons of the heart. These things in

e everything. Also, she was the only person who would carefully listen to him but still had the courage to reprimand him when he“s wrong.

Hence, out of all the people in this world, he knew that he was also the only one who knows and understands her the most. Thus, he is the only person who could prove that Ceres is still alive somewhere. He only needed to find her.

Then, all of a sudden, the demons in his heart started showing up. He couldn“t help but feel disgusted towards the Ceres at the banquet. Also, he felt sad and disheartened.

Where exactly is Ceres?

All he could think of was her. This was why the demons of his heart grew to the point that he can“t suppress them anymore. He began to think... Why can“t he see her when he needed her the most?

He remembered the mysterious man who went inside his courtyard and talked about Ceres. Thus, all the more that he knows Ceres is still alive and out there. Yet, he can“t help but wonder why she wouldn“t go to him. Is he not good enough?

Because I wasn“t able to protect you is that why you don“t want to see me anymore?

Is that it?

Can you at least tell me what“s wrong?

At least, tell me if you“re safe or not.

I“m sure that you already know; there is a person here who cares for you the most.

This made him want to go to Ceres“ courtyard and reminisce about their past. He felt like he needed to go there and calm his heart. Even if Ceres is not there, maybe her presence in his memories can help him with his problem.

He kept on tightly gripping the hilt of his sword, not knowing where to vent his emotions anymore.-tbc

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