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   Chapter 103

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That night, Ceres didn“t return to the palace to guard Leona. She and Gil talked a bit before she decided to head out once more.

Gil wanted to stop her and told her that he should be with her but Ceres didn“t want to. She told Gil that there are things in this world that only she must do and on her own.

She knew that something was really different in this city. Something triggering Ceres“ memories and if she couldn“t solve it, it might not just end with just her passing out next time. Thus, she decided to head out again. The only problem was that she couldn“t pinpoint what exactly is that thing she needs to do.

What Gil relayed to Ceres was mostly about the information she requested. Ceres actually wanted some information about Ceres“ family particularly on that person who was posing as her. Gil even went as far as to suggest about eliminating that impostor but then, Ceres said that it“s not important anyway. Actually, she thinks that it“s much better to have that impostor so that most people wouldn“t look for her. But then again, all she wanted was to gather more pieces of her missing memories. Everything else is just trivial.

Right after Ceres received the information she wanted from Gil, she told the latter that she will head to her courtyard by herself.

If there is a place close to “Ceres““ heart then it must be that place.

Thus, her destination... The Ellion household.

Using Ceres“ memories, she found her way to her old courtyard. Surprisingly, no one was living in this shabby old place anymore. The impostor was relocated to a much better courtyard; leaving this old courtyard without anyone taking care of it. Dusts have filled the room and Ceres even wiped some of it from the wall.

Ignoring the dirt, she looked around and noticed that most of the things in Ceres“ memories were still present and untouched. The impostor probably got her hands on new things and decided to leave everything else here. It isn“t really shocking since the previous Ceres didn“t have much anyway. Even the stuff of her parents were not given to her and her brother when they became parentless. As such, she really did have nothing.

She started to slowly walk around; touching everything as if engraving them into her own memories. Even if she had the previous Ceres“ memories, she felt a mix of emotions in this place. Out of all the places in this city and this kingdom that she went to, only this courtyard seems both new and familiar to her.

Ceres touched from the desk, to the bed, to the window sill, and lastly to the huge khaki cabinet in one corner of the room.

Her mind was filled with the previous Ceres“ memories at the moment; from the small child Ceres to the young girl Ceres. She saw a Ceres running around the courtyard, playing by herself. She even saw a small Ceres reading a book on the desk and one who is randomly picking grasses on the lawn. There was also a young

Ceres could raise at this time. She knew that the previous Ceres and Lucas was really close and treated each other as childhood friends. All of these were based from the previous Ceres“ memories that she acquired. However, all she was able to recall was those times that Ceres and Lucas were together enjoying the time they can spend together. But, she didn“t know that even those memories that she received back then were also lacking. This was just like what happened back when she met Cerbous for the first time; wherein, some memories started showing up by themselves.

Does this mean that there is more to those times when the previous Ceres was together with Lucas?

Ceres wanted to recall more but instead of memories, she gained something else: feelings.

Those feelings that seemed both new and familiar to her suddenly rushed inside of her. Then, her chest and head started aching. And thus, she can only glance back at the figures of the young Ceres and Lucas in the middle of the night with a thunder storm.

One of her hands was touching her temples while her eyebrows were knitted. But, the eyes that she used to look at the young girl and the young boy now showed some hint of emotions.

Did she, perhaps, judge Lucas wrongly? Why did her heart hurt like there were thousands of needles prickling it? What is this that she is currently experiencing? Is this even her own or the previous Ceres“? Is everything she is experiencing now just a part of Ceres“ memories or not?

Why is this happening again?

There are a lot of questions but she can“t seem to think properly.

"Third prince..."

Unknown to Ceres, a young man was standing a few meters behind her. He was cloaked in black and when he heard her say those words, he removed the black face mask he was wearing. His face was illuminated by the moonlight in that seemingly quiet courtyard.


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