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   Chapter 102

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Gil and Ceres talked a bit before the latter started heading out once again.

Ceres tried to explore the city on her own. She went to different parts of the city incognito; not because she was enjoying it but rather, she was feeling something different.

While the competitions were ongoing, Ceres watched the arena battles and even sometimes, the other events. However, from time to time, she would escape and head out to the city.

She kept on looking around; watching everyone do their own thing and watching everyone as they passed by her.

This city doesn“t feel nostalgic to me at all. Is it because “Ceres“ didn“t spend time roaming around this city?

She posed as a normal citizen; eating in stalls or restaurants, looking at the different shops, asking other people for trivial things and so on. Yet, she is still bothered by something.

This was not her world. This was Ceres“ world. And, even if that is the case, she shouldn“t be bothered at all. Yet...

Why do I suddenly feel lonely?

Then, she remembered that one time when she encountered Lucas in the streets; on that first day of the competitions. Her heart started aching once more coupled by her head aching, too.

Memories started rushing once again in her mind. Those memories were not new. She has seen them before. Those were all memories about Ceres and Lucas being together; two children playing, laughing, talking, eating, and enjoying each other“s company.

This... Is definitely not mine, right?

Ceres knelt on the ground and the people started noticing her. Some were gossiping while some were inquiring if she“s fine. When a random person was about to touch her shoulder, Ceres immediately ran. She ran away

o cross paths once again."

Then, he left, leaving Ceres and Gil in the room alone.

As soon as Roven left, Gil knelt on the floor once again.

"Princess, I ought to be punished. Please."

Ceres looked at Gil once more and furrowed her brows.

"I told you to stop that already. It“s not your fault."

Ceres doesn“t want Gil to blame himself. If there is someone she should blame, it is only herself. Ceres knew that she was still weak. Even though her magic skills were proven to be exceptional, it“s nothing in the midst of her transmigration problem.

"I know that you may be punished by that person but I don“t want that to happen so don“t inform him about this thing."

Gil gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

"If you will not stand up and go back to your usual self, I will personally harm myself."


"No buts. This is something I brought upon myself."

Ceres was a cold-hearted person but she clearly thinks differently about Gil and those other people she has been familiar with.

In this life, she was still cold-hearted but it was gradually fading... And she, herself, doesn“t notice it. -tbc

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