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   Chapter 101

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The first day ended without any problem at all. Everyone went back to their respective places. In the second day, the Fay royal siblings don“t necessarily need to watch over any event. As such, Ceres told them to just stay quietly in their rooms.

Currently, the group was in Lennard“s room talking.

"Are you sure that this person is harmless already?"

Lennard was asking Ceres and Gil. It was Gil who responded but of course, Ceres relayed this information to Gil.

"Yes. He already pledge of protecting you instead of harming you. Give him a set of clothes like ours so that he will be able to protect you."

Leonard wasn“t of course convinced.

"But he killed the Empress. How do you expect us to believe his words?"

"We cannot do anything if you don“t believe us.... Is what Cerio wanted to say."

Leonard faced Ceres and almost snapped again when Leona prevented him from doing so.


"Stop that, second brother. Let“s believe Cerio since they saved us once again."

Lennard massaged his temples before asking Ceres and Gil.

"We already offended this kingdom by taking this person but aside from that, how do you expect us to report this incident back to our kingdom? Can“t you at least tell us why do you want to take this guy anyway?"

Gil didn“t respond this time because he didn“t receive any orders from Ceres.

"I will only need him for a while. I will give him back to you after. He has made an oath to atone for his crimes."

There was silence when Ceres spoke. Then, everyone was waiting for the continuation of her reply but she just stopped talking once again.

"That“s all?"

"Are you serious?

back to his own meditation.


In the northernmost region of Winsterein kingdom...

A woman wearing an ice blue gown and has concealed her face and hair with a brown hood was silently watching the snowstorm fall down in this certain area.

"The barrier is weakening."

She quietly stood in front of the barrier protecting their clan for hundreds of years. She then, gently rubbed her belly.

"They must come immediately or else..."

Little did she know that someone was quietly watching her, too.


Somewhere in Winsterein kingdom, a large vermillion bird was once again flying in the sky.

"That place again, huh?"

A man sitting on top of the vermillion bird closed his eyes and let the vermillion bird be in charge of their destination. But deep inside that vermillion bird, he was cursing himself because he couldn“t really curse the man riding on him.

Why is it me again? -tbc

A/N: This is the start of my make-up chapters. Yes. I did tell you that I will be giving a ten-chapter update for today. So... Tada~!! I hope you“ll enjoy this update! :) Enjoy reading!!

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