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   Chapter 100

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The following day was the start of the competitions. However, only few people watched the event. The only event that has the most people was the one in the arena. Because it was the start of the arena battles, it was somehow filled with more people than other events. The Emperor watched along with the Fay kingdom“s royal siblings. This is the opening of the event after all so they have to make an appearance. But instead of the citizens talking about the event, they were now talking about what happened in the banquet. Thus, not much really happened in the first day of the competitions.


"Lucas, you should go back to your room and rest. It seems like your mind is not that calm and it would hinder with your fight tomorrow."

Evelyn, Lucas“ master approached Lucas who was sitting cross-legged in a corner of the Heaven“s Peak area.

"But master, I need to watch over m---"

"No need to watch over your juniors or watch any match today. We are here anyway. You can go back to your room."

Lucas couldn“t do anything but follow his master“s suggestion. He also knew that something was amiss with the state of his mind and that his master seems to also be helpless and can only guide him.

When Lucas was about to exit the Heaven“s Peak area, their headmaster showed up in front of him.

All headmasters who attended the event have a special place in the watch stand. They were separated from the students and teachers area. As such, seeing the headmaster in front him, Lucas knew that they would talk about something.

"Let“s talk while going to your room."

Lucas followed the headmaster.

"Have you reached a bottleneck already?"

"Yes, headmaster."

The headmaster glanced at Lucas who was feeling dejected for somehow.

"What you“re experiencing is not really a bottleneck. If it is, it would have been easy to overcome given your talent and skills."

Lucas furrowed his brows and looked at the headmaster in front of him.

"Then, what is it, headmaster?"

The headmaster stopped walking and turned around to face Lucas.

"Have you heard about inner demons?"


Leonard and Ceres were standing at some place where they could see Lennard and Leona. Even though they were in the same area, they were not allowed to go near the royal siblings. Hence, they could only stand at the back and caref

something prickling it. Then, she brushed it off as something not good. She wanted to leave the scene as soon as possible. She silently retrieved her daggers and made her way as she tightly clenched a part of her clothes in the chest area.

Lucas wanted to catch up to her but even though he ran fast, he wasn“t able to see her again.

"Who could that person be? Why did she run away as soon as she saw me?"

Then, Lucas remembered the headmaster“s words.

"You are extremely gifted young man. You must severe these inner demons and your magic abilities will rise to extremely high levels. However, it can only be done by yourself. No one can help you with it. Focus well and you will certainly be able to do far more things in the future."

Instead of thinking about other things, I have todo something about my own self, right? -tbc

A/N: This is the end of the five-chapter update! Yaaay! *crying tears of joy* I honestly didn“t think that I could make it this far. I was really working my brain cells to their highest capabilities so that I could push through with the succeeding chapters. ;A; I need to connect my filed chapters to the ongoing ones. It was really hard. It was not my best work but, I still am proud of finishing the banquet event.

I would very much like to thank you for reading this far. Even though, these past chapters were craps, you still read them and made it here. It“s really enough for me that you“ve given this story a chance. Thank you for everything. Thank you very much. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.

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