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   Chapter 99

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"Now you“re asking whether his identity is true or not?"

Lennard retorted Glenn“s words.

Just when Glenn was about to say something, Lennard signaled to Gil for something. Gil handed a small crest to Lennard.

It was Thousand Face“s identity crest and something he uses whenever he was conducting a transaction.

"Everyone knows about this identity crest, right?"

Lennard showed the crest to everyone before giving it to Gil once again. Of course, in everything that Lennard would say, Glenn would retort.

"Surely, everyone now knows the truth behind the matter of the Empress being killed and our cases in this kingdom."

"That“s a lie. We still need to investigate whether or not this assassin is saying the truth or not. There must be an appropriate trial for everything."

"A lie? Are you saying that we, in the Fay kingdom, are liars and that we do not know how to properly investigate serious matters like this? Are you questioning our decisions and judgment now?"

The Emperor stepped in as he knew that they couldn“t afford offending Fay kingdom.

"Please refrain from saying anything anymore, Glenn."

The Emperor wanted Glenn to stop from further embarrassing himself. Then, he faced Lennard.

"Guests from Fay kingdom, we only hope that you would turn over this assassin to our kingdom so that we may be able to punish him according to our laws."

Lennard didn“t buy what the Emperor said and only narrowed his eyes towards Glenn.

Arcyl then, stepped forward.

It was Ceres“ first time to clearly see Arcyl, Ceres“ grandfather. She doesn“t have any lingering feelings towards this grandfather unlike when she first met Cerbous. If this is her or Ceres“ feelings, she doesn“t know.

"Let me, your Majesty, say a few words."

The Emperor nodded to Arcyl and the latter started speaking.

"Since this matter has been settled with clear and enough evidence, we will arrest the first prince for the trial."

Arcyl made some signal and some of his men entered the hall. Then, he told them to capture Glenn and place him in prison. He also ordered his men to watch over Glenn and the minister of justice and that no one is allowed to visit them.

"First p

he would definitely persuade his father about retracting his words on the engagement.

The Fay kingdom“s exit was followed by the delegates from the school. They didn“t intend to stay behind anyway and poke in the kingdom“s affairs.

Beatrice clearly has a sour face when she saw Lucas speaking to Leona. However, she didn“t do anything anymore and only kept her anger deep inside. But when she saw Ceres approaching Arcyl, she angrily stared at her. She knew that even though Lucas didn“t want to marry Leona, it doesn“t mean that Lucas wouldn“t want Ceres. All in all, it still comes down to Ceres beating her with Lucas.

Lucasthen, followed his master quietly. He didn“t even speak to his father or anyonefrom the royal family. He wanted to focus on his training because he promisedhis master and the headmaster that he will have good results. However, hecouldn“t help but be bothered about something. Before leaving the hall, helooked back at Ceres hopingthat he would feel something familiar once again. Unfortunately, he did not.This only troubled him and something inside him was definitely growing more andmore intense that it may soon explode. Of course, he doesn“t know what it isyet.-tbc

A/N: The banquet finally ended!! Yey! OMG. I shouldn“t be happy. Are you guys still there? Forgive me for being alive and ruining your day. I just don“t like this banquet event. ;A; I hope you will read on for the other updates... It“s much better than this. D:

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