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   Chapter 98

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"That is..."

"Isn“t that a bit... Did he want the Emperor to decide right here and right now?"

"Well, considering how the third prince hasn“t cleared his position, maybe the first prince wanted to seize this opportunity..."

True enough, Glenn knew that Lucas would decline the position of crown prince and he would do so in front of his teachers and schoolmates. He also knew that Orion, although present in this banquet, wouldn“t get on his father“s good graces and be considered as crown prince. Thus, Glenn must have really planned for this thing to happen.

"I... Do you intend me to announce the crown prince position no matter what happens?"

The Emperor could only sigh as he looked at how serious Glenn was.

"I have always wanted to give the crown prince position to Lucas, my third son. But..."

Lucas walked forward and respectfully bowed at the Emperor. He then turned to face Glenn.

"Even if this kingdom wanted me to be the crown prince, I would refuse such position. My interests have always been different from my first and second brother. I would like to focus on my training and be proficient in the field of magic."

Then, Lucas clasped his hands to everyone and went to the back once again. He didn“t like the limelight and isn“t interested in politics anyway. All he could think of is just...

The Heaven“s Peak headmaster sighed not because he was interested in Lucas being the Emperor but because of other things. It was all too clear that something inside Lucas was growing more and more intense. He was carefully thinking of what to do with Lucas as of the moment.

"Everyone has heard my third son. With that, who would be fit to be the crown prince? I cannot randomly announce you, Glenn, as the crown prince because you have caused a ruckus in this kingdom and in this banquet. You have to atone for that. Thus, I hereby regretfully say that I still----"

Right when the Emperor was about to say his final judgment, the door of the main hall opened. Three people went inside: Ceres, Gil, and Thousand Face dressed as one of the servers in the banquet.

Ceres and Gil were holding onto Thousand Face“s shoulders as they approached Lennard and Leona. Leonard kept standing in his position. No matter what happens in this night, he would be able to keep his calm and observe carefully as long as Ceres and Gil are already here.

Of course, this group of people knew that the main hall right now was focused on the Emperor and first prince“s

ng here. Maybe, some people who are not guilty will not be guilty and those who are will be apprehended. I want everyone to witness that we, in Winsterein kingdom, exact a fair trial and only seeks the truth and justice. If the true perpetrator is in this hall, we will definitely catch him."

Even though the Emperor“s words may sound unbiased, the truth is that he has already laid out an escape route for the minister of justice and an entrapment for Glenn.

With the Emperor“s go signal, Lennard began asking Thousand Face in front of everyone.

"Are you working with the person who wanted to kidnap Princess Leona and that person who poisoned us in the nearby town?"


"Who are those people?"

"Blood Snow and Poisoned Ghost Body. We were hired to cause disruption in this kingdom“s competitions."

"Blood Snow and Poisoned Ghost Body, huh?"

As soon as everyone heard the names they were surprised. It seems like every top assassin of the kingdom was hired for such a joyous event.

"Who hired you, then?"

"It was the first prince."

Thousand Face then looked at Glenn. Glenn, however, furrowed his brows.

"He hired all of you?"

Thousand Face nodded. Thus, Glenn could only burst in his rage.

"This is slander. You are accusing me without enough evidence. Aren“t you trusting this person“s words a bit too much? He killed the Empress and why would I, her very own son, asked her to be killed? And, are we even sure that person is Thousand Face himself?"

Lennardcouldn“t help but raise his brows.-tbc

A/N: Stay with me, guys!! Two more chapters to go!! I“m sorry for being alive!! But, please stay with meeeeee!! D:

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