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   Chapter 97

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It was one of the ancient families who spoke amidst the discussions in the main hall and the silence of both Arcyl and the Emperor.

"First prince, I can say that you have done well to have lived past 20 years, even almost reaching 30, with your so-called death threats and assassination attempts. However, it is still not enough to cause this disaster and attack the royal palace."

It is true that in the struggle for power, one must always remember that the life of a loved one is always on the line. Everyone in this main hall knew of such fact. As such, one can only strive to be strong and influential in order to keep his loved ones safe.

"I cannot agree more."

It was Arcyl who once again spoke.

"Even if the Empress was killed, how can you lay your hands on this city and its people? We still don“t know who wanted to kidnap the Fay kingdom“s princess and who really killed the Empress. Thus, attacking this palace when those things have just happened, doesn“t that imply that you knew everything too well?"

Glenn didn“t respond immediately and instead, signaled for his retainer to get closer. Then, his retainer retrieved a talisman which Glenn also showed to everyone.

The talisman was only a piece of elongated paper that has weird symbols on it. Those symbols represent magical arrays.

"I trust that everyone know of this. If not, let our magician friends explain this thing. Because, recorded in this talisman was the conversation of the perpetrator of this incident."

It was one of the headmaster of Heaven“s Peak who spoke to explain things.

"The matters of this kingdom are outside our jurisdiction. However, we cannot let this kingdom fall because its people are also supporters of our schools. Moreover, since a student of ours is a prince of this kingdom, let me help in this situation."

Glenn respectfully gave the talisman to the headmaster of Heaven“s Peak.

"This talisman is imbued with magical arrays that records voices. One only needs to use spiritual essence to activate such thing. This will then, record something or relay what is recorded in it. In this case, let me activate this so that everyone will be able to know what“s in it."

The headmaster smiled and imbued the talisman with his spiritual essence. All magicians know that it is enough to use ample amount of spiritual essence to know what“s inside the talisman. The talisman will then relay the information in one“s ears. But, if one wanted to let everyone hear what“s recorded in it, one must also expend a significant amount of spiritual essence.

Everyone only felt a gust of wind when suddenly, voices were heard out of nowhere.

"Kill the first prince in the banquet."

"Sure thing. However, it would be troublesome if something happens."

"If you cannot kill him, at least kill someone with

uldn“t erase and could only hide. I did think that he would confront me about it but never did I think he would do so in front of everyone. Hence, I apologize for this event."

Just when the Emperor was speaking in his most sincere tone, Glenn interrupted.

"Clearly, you wouldn“t just say that you retracted such order without any evidence. And, you wouldn“t expect me to just brush off everything that happened all these past years."

The Emperor knew what Glenn was trying to say but, he couldn“t escape in front of everyone“s eyes.

"I did retract the order but the evidence wouldn“t probably surface since it has been a long time and probably, the letters have been lost or damaged. Moreover, the words of those from my side wouldn“t matter without evidence and as such, I cannot really present anything to everyone. I can only say that I have regretted what I“ve done and ordered to let the first prince live on."

Suddenly, some people from the neutral factions spoke. Their words were clear and no one can deny or refute what they said.

They convinced everyone that the Emperor really retracted the order to kill the first prince. It was because, everyone particularly those from the old generation knew that if the Emperor really want Glenn dead, Glenn would really be dead. Nothing can escape an Emperor“s edict anyway. However, no one can also refute their claims that what the Emperor did was really below the belt.

"What do you intend to do, Glenn? What do you want in compensation for all of this and for everyone to be dismissed and take a good night“s sleep already?"

"Then, since this event and everything concerning it resulted from the dispute for the crown prince position, why don“t you announce right now who shall be the rightful crown prince?"-tbc

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